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   Chapter 1407 Great Luck

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Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh...

The wind had remained persistent.

Everyone watched the strange scene unfolding in front of them, with no one knowing what exactly it meant.

"Is this my luck?

One's karmic luck is innate. Then, does that mean that the silhouette of this giant has been with me ever since I was born?

But if it is the case, then it would have accompanied me through the Eastern Region, the Central Region, the Sea God Continent, the Divine Kingdom Continent, and the ascension...

Why does my luck take this form?'

An onslaught of questions flooded Zen's mind as doubts tugged at him and filled him. Those Luck-devouring Snakes were still hanging suspended in the air, continuously devouring the giant's body.

The Sunset World lord wore a puzzled expression.

The Upper World had a thorough and deeply-rooted understanding of karmic luck. It was something that couldn't be seen or touched, but everyone knew that karmic luck was ever-present. There were only certain methods that could influence it to some extent.

However, fate was formless. And yet, here was its manifestation, with an undeniable shape.

In retrospect, the Luck-devouring Snake was also an existence thought to be found only in legends. A creature eating away one's luck sounded absurd, but to witness it was another thing entirely.

One could only imagine how shocked everyone was when they saw it happening to Zen.

They had yet to recover from their astonishment when the giant's silhouette started to move.

No wind penetrated this area, and the giant's shape became more defined. The spectators watched the outline of a giant change in shape and redirect the path of the wind, creating the illusion of movement.

It brought a heavy hand to its body, right where the creatures devoured it.

The next instant, one of the golden Luck-devouring Snakes had been reduced to dust.

"This …"

It was as if the lord of the Sunset World had lost all capacity for intelligible speech. He gaped the scene, wide-eyed and wordless.

The other palace leaders mirrored his expression on their faces. What was happening before them was something beyond their comprehension. Even the most knowledgeable among them had no explanation for the events they had witnessed.

After the first Luck-devouring Snake had been smashed, the giant's outline once again waved its hand in the air, slapping its body. In a split second, another snake was pulverized. Bits of gold powder scattered in the air.

This went on with a third, a fourth, a fifth …

The palace leaders, still unable to speak, watched the

alace leaders discussed their conjectures amongst themselves.

In their eyes, the Heavenly Tribulation was among the absolutes in the entire universe. How could the heavens make mistakes?

At present, Zen's karmic luck seemed to be incredibly powerful. Up until this moment, no lightning bolt had struck him. It was all too strange.

An expression of surprise surfaced on Zen's face as he avoided the lightning strikes from the tribulation. He couldn't explain it himself, but it seemed that his luck had suddenly increased to unimaginable heights.

Yolande had the same thing in mind. Suddenly, she rose and closed the distance between her and Zen. He was preoccupied with his tribulation. Extending her hand, she sent an intangible wave surging towards him.

The palm strike contained a thousandth of her strength. Had Zen been sitting on the spot, he would have had no chances of dodging it.

Another strange occurrence once again took place. Before Yolande's strike could reach Zen, the air shifted around, creating a windstorm that erupted and directly clashed with Yolande's palm strike, effectively circumventing the attack.

When the other palace leaders saw this, they became more confused than ever.

Zen was still dodging lightning, seemingly oblivious to what had just taken place. It was impossible for the windstorm to have come from him. It had been formed naturally. But why?

The Orange Sea World was a broken world, but it had always been secure. Many years of operation by the alliance was testament to its stability. The possibility of a space windstorm appearing in such a stable space was almost nonexistent.

And yet, with the most minuscule probability, the windstorm had undeniably appeared.

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