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   Chapter 1405 Luck-devouring Snakes

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The various palace leaders looked at the lord of the Sunset World in confusion. One of them opened his mouth and asked, "What's going on?"

The world lord's gaze was fixed on the golden snakes as he spat out, "Luck-devouring Snakes!"

"Luck-devouring Snakes? Do those creatures truly exist?"

"Now that I think about it, they do seem somewhat similar to the legendary Luck-devouring Snakes."

"The Luck-devouring Snake Tribulation. That is a legendary tribulation. How could a Life and Death Realm warrior encounter it?"

The palace leaders did not recognize the origins of these golden snakes, but they immediately understood what this meant after hearing the world lord's words.

The warriors of the 100, 000 supreme worlds had a much clearer understanding of fate than those who belonged to the Lower World.

Warriors could defy the Nature Law and change their fate through mere cultivation. Eventually, they could become immortals.

Ordinary people had short lives spanning a few decades. However, after cultivation, they could live for much longer, and this defied the Nature Law. The heavens would naturally punish warriors once they entered the Life and Death Realm, by using the Heavenly Tribulations.

Warriors could also change their fates through cultivation. Although almost everyone's fate was sealed, warriors could use every possible method to change it.

Every single one of the warriors was constantly in an attempt to rewrite his or her own fate.

A mortal might come face to face with a bucket of water that could not be lifted, an indestructible city, or a cup of poisoned wine that a king gave him which he could not refuse.

But what a warrior faced was far worse—a mountain that he could not break, an opponent he could not defeat, or a Heavenly Tribulation that he could not subdue, even if he exhausted all of his strength.

This was also the reason why the warriors of the Upper World attached great importance to the Lotus Flower. It was because the fate of all creatures was decided by the heavens—from the stars to the insects and the ants. But the Lotus Flower determined a warrior's talent, which was also the possibility whether the warrior could shake off the control of the heavens.

If one could withdraw from the control of the heavens, then his fate was in his own hands and he would secure true freedom. If one could not change his fate, however, then he would be reincarnated again and again. He might have been a human in this grand era, but in the next, he could be a Supreme Lord, or a speck of dust. In the end, he would not be able to escape this loop.

The more petals one's Lotus Flower sprouted, the stronger one's luck was. This was a widely accepted conclusion in the Upper World. Although the Lotus Flower was not a symbol of talent, it was often more important than even that.

The lord of

leaders, however, were clearly worried.

A warrior who was in the process of undergoing the Heavenly Tribulation could not rely on the help of outsiders. They could only depend on their own strength to bear through the trial.

The world lord had assumed that Zen had a plan to deal with this, but when he saw the scene before him, he knew that Zen did not know how to handle the Luck-devouring Snakes.

The Luck-devouring Snakes paid no attention to Zen. They continued to slither in the air after Zen shifted his position, as if changing their direction again. Then they continued to devour his luck.

"A Luck-devouring Snake isn't a creature. It can be said that it exceeds the existence of any living being." The lord of the Sunset World fixed his eyes on Zen as he continued, "If I remember correctly, I've seen an example of this in the records of the grand eras. Countless grand eras ago, another warrior had encountered the Luck-devouring Snakes. Anyone qualified to attract the Luck-devouring Snakes naturally possesses good fortune. After the Luck-devouring Snake Tribulation descended on him, however, he could only watch helplessly as the snakes devoured his luck without encountering any sort of resistance!"

A palace leader could not help but shake his head. "In other words, Zen's struggle is futile."

"What a pity! I was really looking forward to seeing the extraordinary future this little fellow would otherwise have!" Another palace leader sighed in disappointment. Although Zen did not come from this particular leader's palace, the latter cherished talents. He could not help but be silently dejected at the prospect of witnessing the end of such a talent.

As for Yolande, her expression remained calm. To her, Zen was a warrior who turned unfavorable situations into miracles. She still believed that he, who had turned things around so many times, could do it once again.

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