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   Chapter 1404 Golden Snakes

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The Tenth Tribulation Introducing Pill couldn't have lost its effectiveness already, could it?

The tribulation Zen had attracted was not the tenth small Heavenly Tribulation, but the sixth. Actually, even if he hadn't used the Tenth Tribulation Introducing Pill, the tribulation would still have descended because his cultivation had already reached that level. This was disappointing to Zen, to say the least.

Why had the small Heavenly Tribulation still not shown up?

Yolande glanced at Layla and frowned. She had also been looking forward to Zen's small Heavenly Tribulation. Although it wasn't the tenth one, she was still able to observe how many petals Zen's Lotus Flower would sprout.

However, Layla's expression made Yolande dislike her. There was a hint of condescension in her eyes, and it was unbecoming in Yolande's opinion. Layla didn't seem to know that Zen had actually purposefully held back his strength in the Illusion Space and, as a result, had lost to her brother. Why didn't he explain it to her?

Now, only Zen had yet to undergo his tribulation.

It was impossible for other warriors to just wait like this. Normally, after the Tenth Tribulation Introducing Pill was used, it would usually trigger the Heavenly Tribulation within two hours. Other than the special case of Layla, it was impossible for a warrior to bring down the Heavenly Tribulation after two hours.

Someone suggested that the old man in cotton clothes remove the seal. This meant that the Passing the Torch would have come to an end.

The old man greatly admired Zen in his heart. However, since his small Heavenly Tribulation had not come, it was likely that it would not come. He was very confident about this point and sadly nodded his head. "Alright!"

With that, he waved his hand, preparing to completely remove the seal and end the Passing the Torch.

However, at this moment, streaks of golden light suddenly appeared in the sky, drawing the attention of everyone present.

After the streaks of golden light appeared, they intertwined with each other like little golden snakes writhing in the sky.

"Huh?" When the old man saw the small golden snakes, his face revealed a surprised expression. "What are they?"

The gazes of many palace leaders, Yolande, the lord of the Sunset World, and the others all uniformly shot towards the air above Zen's head. Their faces were all filled with strange and uncertain expressions. The golden light reflected off their faces as they looked up to the sky.

And in the same instance as these little golden snakes appeared, a faint image of the Lotus Flower appeared above Zen's head!

"It's here! Zen's sixth small Heavenly Tribulation!"

"What are you so excited about? It's just the sixth small Heavenly Tribulation. Which one of us has not experienced this before?"

Zen was at the fifth grade of the Life and Death Realm, and it was indeed the lowest here. It was not a ranking to be particularly excited about. Among the warriors of the thirteen palaces, there was no one who was weaker than him in terms of cultivation level.

They had all experienced the sixth small Heavenly Tribulation, so there was nothing to be surprised about. However,

one through the tenth small Heavenly Tribulation, while Zen was only at the fifth grade of the Life and Death Realm, which meant that he had only gone through five small Heavenly Tribulations. But his Mahayana Lotus Flower had already sprouted twenty-six petals.

What Layla did not know was that Zen had already activated the Mahayana Lotus Flower during his first small Heavenly Tribulation, and that it had already sprouted twenty-six petals back then. If she knew, Layla might have passed out on the spot.

Even now, she was still dealt a heavy blow. Her ego was in pieces at the monumental defeat.

Although the Lotus Flower was an illusory existence, it was a measure of a warrior's chances of surpassing the heavens in the future.

Furthermore, no one was able to predict when he would activate the Lotus Flower or how many petals it would sprout. No matter how Layla thought about it, she was still unable to change the fact that there was such an obvious gap between her and Zen. Now she had to face her own short comings.

"This is too much..." Layla muttered these words in a low voice, almost sounding like a growl.

She felt that Zen had gone too far, but she had forgotten that from beginning to end, he had never had the intention to compete against her. Even though he had attended the Passing the Torch, he had just wanted to obtain the reward and he wasn't concerned with the status the Lotus Flower bestowed.

On the contrary, it was Layla who had targeted Zen from the beginning, and had even provoked him without any reason. But now, when she felt disappointed and wronged, she subconsciously began to believe that he had targeted her on purpose. She was laying the blame squarely at his feet.

The golden snakes in the sky extended continuously after the Mahayana Lotus Flower appeared. They grew from a few feet to several dozen feet, then to several hundred feet. They spiraled in the air and shot towards Zen.

The world lord's face changed when he saw the little golden snakes. He felt that these little golden snakes were a bit familiar. Suddenly, he seemed to remember something and cried, "Holy crap!"

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