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   Chapter 1403 Fourteen Petals

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Many of the palace leaders paid no attention to Zen.

The reason for this was quite simple.

At present, Zen was at the fifth level of the Life and Death Realm. The sixth small Heavenly Tribulation was incomparable with the tenth small Heavenly Tribulation that Layla had to face.

And so things proceeded with everyone's gazes fixated on her.

As Javier started the tenth small Heavenly Tribulation, the warrior, with the surname Li, began to undergo the same trial. In addition to him, several other warriors started to experience their tribulations too.

Across the sky spanned all kinds of the Heavenly Tribulations' powers. Voices escaped through the clouds like the beginnings of a tumultuous storm.

Two hours had passed.

Javier's small Heavenly Tribulation had finally come to an end. The Lotus Flower gently spun, its shadow gradually dissipating.

An immaculate Soul Sea sprung in his body. In its perfection, he was now the epitome of a Soul Sea Realm warrior. As his cultivation base increased, the Soul Sea inside him would grant him greater power. It opened up endless possibilities—some of which could only be obtained with the help of the immaculate Soul Sea.

Javier closed his eyes and reinforced his cultivation base...

On the other hand, the small Heavenly Tribulations of Layla and Zen had yet to arrive.

The Tenth Tribulation Introducing Pill couldn't guarantee the arrival of Heavenly Tribulations on all people. Layla felt the beginnings of her anxiousness grow as time stretched longer. Zen, however, did not share this worry. It did not matter whether his sixth small Heavenly Tribulation came or not. After all, as his cultivation base increased, it would come sooner or later.

To Layla, the tenth small Heavenly Tribulation was of utmost importance. She could not afford to let her chance pass.

Another hour passed, and all the warriors who had taken the Tenth Tribulation Introducing Pill had passed through the tenth small Heavenly Tribulation. From among them, those who managed to reach the ninth level of the Life and Death Realm were all considered outstanding. The Heavenly Tribulations that they triggered were indeed tremendous, but they had come fully prepared—death was no danger.

Two warriors had immediately fainted after passing through the tenth small Heavenly Tribulation. This failure was brought about by arrogance. They had underestimated the power of the Heavenly Tribulation and overused their strength.

"It hasn't come yet.." Layla murmured, her voice edged with anxiety.

She threw a tentative look at Zen's direction. He looked calm, as if the prolonged waiting did nothing to agitate him in the slightest.

It was right at this moment

that a faint shadow appeared over Layla. It grew denser, until a Lotus Flower revealed itself.

"It's here!" Layla exclaimed, a look of surprise crossing over her face.

At the

front of their very eyes.

The Lotus Flower above her continued spinning, and an even larger Lotus Flower appeared above it. The second flower had even more petals.

The Hinayana Lotus Flower had a total of nine petals, and the Mahayana Lotus Flower had a total of twenty-seven.

When the Mahayana Lotus Flower appeared, the first lotus petal on it slowly unfolded. It was followed by a second, a third, fourth, and fifth...

Layla raised her head to look at the lotus that was constantly blooming. Her tired face brightened with a faint smile.

Five lotus petals bloomed. With the addition of the Hinayana Lotus Flower's nine petals, there were a total of fourteen petals.

After five petals opened, the Mahayana Lotus flower began to fade and after some moments disappeared.

The palace leaders looked at Layla with conflicted expressions. The Passing the Torch was arranged to test the junior warriors of thirteen palaces, but the abilities that Layla had displayed were something that sparked the envy of even the palace leaders themselves.

When Layla's Lotus Flower had disappeared, Layla glanced at Zen and smiled meaningfully.

Back in the Enchanted Barrier Tower, he had bested her due to the fact that she had come out in advance.

Then, Zen had lost to Layla's brother in the Illusion Space. She was able to win over him only because her brother was too strong. If it was her skill against his, Zen did not fall much farther behind her. This closeness in their strengths irked her. She had wanted to put a gap between them and establish herself as undoubtedly the better warrior.

Layla smiled in satisfaction. With her results this time, how could Zen match up to her now?

Zen was no fool. He understood instantly what was in Layla's mind. However, he remained unbothered.

At this moment, he cared more about his sixth small Heavenly Tribulation. He waited, wondering why it still hadn't arrived.

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