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   Chapter 1402 Introducing The Heavenly Tribulation

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After a while, Layla emerged from the Illusion Space.

At this moment, the beam of happiness was evident in her demeanor.

Before leaving the space, her brother told her that he would be released in the near future — he promised to visit the Mist Palace right after to visit her. Their reunion day was just around the corner.

As she walked out of the ancient hall, she turned to Zen with a huge smile on her face. A kind of complacency and arrogance surfaced in her eyes.

She was the only one to have passed the ultimate test in the Illusion Space trial.

Although admittedly, her opponent's strength was far inferior to her older brother's.

But she believed that it was merely Zen's bad luck that got him her brother as his opponent. While she might not have managed to beat Zen in a one-on-one fight, the results proved, at the very least, that she had better luck than he did. A warrior's good luck was also a kind of strength, after all.

In spite of her outward display of arrogance, Zen merely nodded graciously in reply with a face that remained calm and expressionless.

Zen's indifferent reaction left Layla rather disappointed — shouldn't he have been frustrated after having been defeated by her brother and in turn losing to her in the trial? Why couldn't she find any signs of frustration on his face?

Without the delight of relishing in Zen's frustration, Layla somehow felt unfulfilled. But when she thought about how soon she would be reunited with her brother, her mood shot up instantly.

After Zen and Layla left the Illusion Space, the old man announced the warriors' rankings in the event, proceeding to hand out their respective awards.

The Tribulation Exterminating Pills, the divine weapons, and the Tenth Tribulation Introducing Pills…

Most warriors from the thirteen palaces could at least get a Tribulation Exterminating Pill as a reward for participating in Passing the Torch.

Additionally, those who managed to reach 3, 000 miles in the Enchanted Barrier Tower could obtain a secondary first-rank divine weapon.

For warriors at their level, such a weapon was already a pretty good reward. But few of the warriors were qualified to receive it. Reaching 3, 000 miles in the tower was no easy feat — many people had been eliminated early on.

After that, the old man recited another list of names.

These were the names of the warriors who reached 10, 000 miles, all of whom were qualified to obtain a Tenth Tribulation Introducing Pill.

This batch of pills was easily more valuable than the secondary first-rank divine weapons.

And of course, both Zen and Layla were on the list. After the group of warriors gathered around the old man, he pulled out a small jade pot and opened i

he Soul Sea Realm after he passed. After opening up his Soul Sea, his strength would increase significantly, securing him a place in the Upper World.

"I never would have expected Javier to start his tenth Heavenly Tribulation first. It seems like a formidable one!" someone in the crowd commented.

"Did you really think he's an ordinary warrior? Come on, he's ranked third in the test of Law Storm! Without any rare genius like Zen or Layla, he would have been ranked first!"

"The Lotus Flower! His Lotus Flower appears! It's a Nine-petal Lotus Flower!"

As they discussed, a faint image of a Lotus Flower appeared before floating over Javier's head in silence.

The flower seemed to be in full bloom as it slowly spun in the air.

Just as the other warriors had said, both Javier's talent and strength prevailed over most of the other young warriors in the entire alliance. While he should have attracted the crowd's attention, he paled in comparison to Zen and Layla — they were just too exceptional.

Neither the palace masters nor the Sunset World lord paid him any special attention.


"It's a divine lightning!"

"The Evil Fiery Poison!"

"Look at the mist and shadows!"

"This is indeed an extraordinary small Heavenly Tribulation!"

As Javier began to undergo his tribulation, the small Heavenly Tribulation intensified.

The palace masters looked perfectly calm as they watched from the sidelines. For warriors at their level, the power of such Heavenly Tribulation was nowhere near enough to make them budge.

"Javier's tenth small Heavenly Tribulation is quite powerful. He will surely excel to the top after he reaches the Soul Sea Realm. I'm only curious as to how powerful Layla's tenth small Heavenly Tribulation will be," commented a palace master in a regulated, calm voice.

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