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   Chapter 1401 Kindness

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The Transcendent Divine Might was something that was known to be quite rare even in the Upper World.

Only Supreme Lords could create Transcendent Divine Might!

The cultivation methods in the upper world were compiled by relying on the rules of the entire universe… There were so many factors involved that they could not have been quantized.

For example, the visualization technique allowed the cultivators to obtain intents and insights through visualization of all the living things in the world. A creature could utilize his deep comprehension of the universe to create an entirely new cultivation method.

However, most of these martial arts only involved very inferior laws. But the Transcendent Divine Might used the most superior law of all, which was the Law of Causality.

Once the Law of Causality came into picture, extraordinary things began to happen. Its power could be understood from the fact that the Black Star pickaxe Zen had contained a kind of Law of Causality that was unsuitable for combat, but was still powerful enough to be ranked among the top three thousand on the Universe Spirit Tablet…

Treasures and weapons had to be carried with warriors. They were limited. However, a Transcendent Divine Might required the cultivator himself to grasp the Law of Causality. Thus, it made a great deal of difference to his chances and power.

Since a living being had limitless intelligence on his hand, he could progress. The grasp of a Transcendent Divine Might was equivalent to a pass that would allow one to reach the highest and the mightiest rules of the universe. This way, the cultivator could then grow endlessly. Even the most powerful supreme divine weapon could not be changed once it was forged.

The Sunset World lord had once grasped a Transcendent Divine Might by chance. This chance achievement had allowed him to take a huge leap and become a grand world. But he was the only one to do so. Even among the leaders and vice leaders of the thirteen palaces present here, Yolande was the only one who possessed a Transcendent Divine Might. Since she herself was a descendant of a Supreme Lord, she had once had a chance to cultivate a Transcendent Divine Might and caught onto it.

It was also deemed extremely difficult to cultivate a Transcendent Divine Might. Each type of it was more difficult than the other and as unique as a fingerprint. The Soul Split Spell that Yolande cultivated had paved the way for her to cultivate the Transcendent Divine Might.

As for Zen, he had spent a lot of time cultivating the Stellar Body after coming to know about it. He would have progressed very far indeed but that was the future. Right now, he was still very young and had only reached the third level of the cultivation method so far. Moreover, the Stellar Body he possessed was an abridged version.

Even so, when he had employed the Stellar Body technique and drew upon the power of the stars, it had left many leaders of the palaces stunned.

"Ummm, guys! Supreme Lord Star spent his entire life comprehending the stars. As far as chronicles go, when he drew upon the power of the various stars in the sky, he managed to transform their light into swords and then crossed over ten thousand worlds to kill Supreme Lord She

could pass this final round. After all, it was just a challenge and he would have far bigger opportunities to prove himself.

When he had seen Layla's sad and melancholy face, he had suddenly felt that it resembled the expression on Yan's face a lot. He had been slightly moved at that moment…

Outside the ancient hall, the old man in cotton clothes floating in the air also had a strange expression on his face. Not only him, the leaders of the thirteen palaces, including Yolande, and the Sunset World lord looked strange. They had also sensed what had happened just now.

They all came to the same conclusion in their hearts that Zen had lost this round deliberately!

The only reason they could think of when pondering over why Zen had deliberately given up was that he wanted to help Lincoln gain his freedom.

Relatively speaking, Zen and Layla were competitors. Besides, Layla had provoked Zen time and time again…

'I didn't expect this Zen to be such a good fellow," one of the leaders remarked, shaking his head. "You know, in this world of martial arts which always follows the rule of natural selection, kindness isn't a merit."

However, the Sunset World lord chuckled and replied, "To the weak warriors, perhaps kindness is a fatal weakness, but to the absolute strong ones, kindness is a mercy that should not be taken lightly…"

Every race and every creature in the universe was almost always in a constant state of danger, since the universe was filled with uncertainty and turmoil, making this a world where the strong preyed on the weak. If a person's strength was insufficient, then being kind would only bring him bad luck and fate. No good would fall to such a person as his kindness would be taken advantage by people with ill intentions. But when this person's strength was strong enough, then even if he compromised or gave way, it didn't matter to him, because his foundation was extremely strong and no one could shake it. The worst that could happen to him was a temporary defeat of his own will.

Though Zen had yet to reach that level, in the eyes of the Sunset World lord, he was going to reach it pretty sooner than people thought.

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