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   Chapter 1400 Stars

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Had it been any other Soul Sea Realm warrior, his body would have already been shattered by the force of Lincoln's punch.

The number of warriors that had been smashed by Lincoln's punch in the Villain World was countless by now. It was only because of his Metal Spirit Body that he was able to survive all his battles to this day.

Lincoln was well aware of his power, and took great pride in it. He had almost forgotten what it felt like to be surprised by an opponent—he did not have much reason to be, until today. The moment Lincoln came into contact with Zen, his body vibrated with a strength that was as vast and immeasurable as the ocean.

The golden light on his body faltered, and he retreated on the platform.

It was only when he reached the edge that he stopped.

'Such power! This brat's physical body is actually stronger than mine!' he thought in disbelief, and a look of bewilderment appeared on his face.

Every cultivation method had its own unique characteristics. He couldn't be certain which law Zen focused on, but it was definitely not the Metal Law. For warriors who practiced the Metal Law, their greatest pride lay in the Body in the Diamond-like State.

How come Zen was able to make his body so tough?

In his puzzlement, Lincoln failed to notice his opponent. Zen stood on the other side of the platform, his face mirroring Lincoln's own surprise.

He had already used the strength of 8, 000 dragon scales in the punch that he threw earlier.

An ordinary warrior at the Soul Sea Realm would not be able to withstand the power of just 2, 000 to 3, 000 dragon scales. Even War Emperor York had been forced back by a single strike from him. 8, 000 dragon scales was out of the question. Had the War Emperor been hit with this power, he would have been killed immediately.

He observed Lincoln from where he was. His opponent had been forced to retreat, but other than that, he showed no other sign of damage. Lincoln's strength was turning out to be much stronger than he had expected.

Outside the ancient palace, the scene was punctuated with sighs from the spectating warriors. Close combats such as this always turned out to be among the most gruesome. The air shifted around the warriors as they watched. No blood had been drawn as of yet. They had no longer been thinking about the outcome of the battle. Instead, they were looking to see more blood.

"So this is your trump card," Lincoln said, his eyes sharply fixed at Zen. "Your body is comparable to a divine weapon, and you possess terrifying strength." His lips split into a broad smile and he continued, "However, this alone might not be enough to win against me!" The confident glint was back in his eyes, although one could tell that he was exercising more caution.

The next moment, a crack broke in his forehead, revealing a small cyan stone.

he watched.

He had not the slightest interest about the relationship between Lincoln and Layla. All he wanted was for Lincoln to defeat Zen.

Previously, he had thought that Layla was inferior to Zen. However, now that she had displayed such power, it had left Adrian astonished. At the same time, he grew anxious about Lincoln. He didn't want him to lose the battle.

"No matter how hard we try, some things just won't go as we wish. Fate is cruel," he muttered, shaking his head. His mind was resigned to whatever the outcome of the fight would be.

Lincoln smiled faintly. His chest was filled with pride for his sister. After the Wrath of the Ocean was activated, the golden light around his body shone even brighter. He clenched his fists and turned to Zen. "Fight me!" he shouted.

Zen nodded his head in response. A silent understanding passed over the two men. The outcome of this battle was no longer important. Lincoln was as proud as Layla, but he was principled.

It would not be easy to meet such an opponent. Zen's body thrummed with excitement. His gaze turned more serious as he looked at Lincoln. Then, in the boundless starry sky of the Orange Sea World, a few rays of starlight suddenly appeared.

These stars had always hung above the universe, shining down upon the countless supreme worlds.

But they were not visible due to their great distance. Such eye-catching luster was not often seen by human eyes.

However, at this moment, those few rays of starlight shot straight towards the ancient hall.

At almost the exact instant that the stars flickered, the Sunset World lord frowned, and the expression on his face grew from bewilderment to shock. "Don't tell me Zen has cultivated the Stellar Body?"

A palace leader echoed his surprise. "It's the Transcendent Divine Might that Supreme Lord Star had left behind many years ago. Where did Zen learn it from?"

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