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   Chapter 1399 Exchanging Punches

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The crowd's voice from the outside did not reach the confines of the Illusion Space.

Layla had intended to watch the fight between her brother and Zen, but she was occupied at present with her opponent.

"Focus on our battle, little girl. Ha-ha!" he taunted. His derisive laugh was accompanied by a strange, ghost-like aura that emerged from his body. It turned into fist-sized skulls and shot straight toward Layla.

At present, Layla's brother was fighting for his freedom. The thought weighed heavily on her even as she fought her own battle.

She made no response to the warrior in front of her, her figure dancing gracefully in the air as her long hair swirled with her movements. Her eyes remained fixed on Zen.

Zen attacked with his sword, and Lincoln let out an almost manic laugh. Golden light flashed from his body as he blocked the wind blade with his bare hand.

Crack! Crack!

The next moment, the blade scattered into pieces. The lightning that struck Lincoln's body did not affect him in the slightest. Zen then used the Nether God Shadow, but once again, it was smashed to pieces.

Having solved Zen's another move, Lincoln took large strides and dashed straight towards him.

Zen remained calm even as Lincoln stopped his attacks one after another. The battle was his sole focus—he thought of nothing else but the present fight.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

In the blink of an eye, ten Nether God Shadows shot out from Zen's hand.

Upon seeing the surging Nether God Shadows, Lincoln roared. The golden light around his body became even more resplendent. The light clothed him like a second skin, giving him the appearance of a golden figure. The luminous glow was almost blinding.

Zen's Nether God Shadows were strong and fierce, but stood no chance against Lincoln. As soon as they approached him, they splintered to a thousand pieces.

"Lincoln has a profound comprehension of the Metal Law. This is probably going to be troublesome, even for Zen," a palace leader remarked.

At this, another palace leader shook his head. "That may not be so. Zen was able to cross the flame pool. He must have uncovered secrets unknown to anyone else. He had only used Thunder Wind Divine Sword in the first twenty-four rounds of the trial. We still do not know what sort of trump card he might be hiding."

Compared to the other warriors, the palace leaders' appraisement was naturally much more accurate.

As for the warriors from the thirteen palaces, they had kept on flattering Lincoln, cheering at his every movement.

After destroying Zen's Nether God Shadows, Lincoln took a step forward, quickly closing the distance between him and Zen. A streak of Time Law simultaneously erupted from Lincoln's body. In an instant, the entire platfo

f the moment to press her closer.

Zen continuously dodged the golden beams of light while keeping his strength to a certain level in order to prevent his Thunder Wind Divine Sword from being wrenched from his hand. At the moment, he was in a somewhat passive position.

The Nether God Shadows dealt no damage to Lincoln. Lincoln's metal-attribute cultivation technique was overwhelming, but it was not that Zen did not have any way for a counterattack. He could use the Nether God Shadows to send Lavender to Lincoln's side. With her current strength and the Cold Plum Blood Spear, she would only need one spear strike to kill Lincoln.

However, Lavender's identity was a very sensitive matter. Other than Yolande, Zen didn't trust anyone else in here. Moreover, in a fight like this, he did not want to rely on Lavender's help.

As he considered all this, Zen put the Thunder Wind Divine Sword back into his space ring. Then, his figure flashed as he charged towards Lincoln.

From the beginning, Lincoln had been trying to force Zen to engage in close combat with him. As he saw him move forward, a faint smile appeared on his face. He was most confident of his own body.

He had trained the Metal Spirit Body with the help of the Metal Law—his body was as tenacious as a divine weapon. No one would match him in close combat.

"Finally!" he shouted. "You decided to not waste my time." Lincoln smiled.

Zen's expression remained calm. He did not speak, but he felt his body hum with the power that had been long stored away since the start of the battle.


Lincoln faced him head on, returning the punch with just his raw power. At this moment, the strength of their physical bodies would be the decisive factor in the outcome.

A loud noise echoed around the two men, followed by a drastic change in Lincoln's expression.

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