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   Chapter 1397 Brother

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This man's pride was steep and could not allow him to accept the fact that his opponent was a mere fifth-level Life and Death Realm warrior.

And could his opponent even be called a warrior? In front of him would be no man, but a mere kid. The burly man couldn't help but scoff in disbelief. However, he was also reminded of the fact that this kid was still a talent of the thirteen palaces. Was it really wise to look down on him this early in the fight?

It also did not escape his attention that this kid had made it past the twenty-four rounds that were pre-requisite to facing him. Only those who managed such a feat could be considered a top existence within the thirteen palaces.

How in the world was he only at the fifth-level of the Life and Death Realm?

"Don't underestimate him. I've been watching him for the past twenty-four rounds and I'm certain that this guy hasn't even shown us half of the stuff he can do," Adrian advised him. "If I had a guess, I'd say he was only using around thirty-percent of his true strength."

"Thirty-percent? Against several warriors of the Soul Sea Realm?" the burly man remarked in surprise.

"That's why my suggestion for you is to choose that woman," Adrian told him.

Zen and Layla had both emerged victorious in all twenty-four rounds. They were like battering rams that rushed unimpeded against all those who stood in their way. Adrian's slight change in tactics gave them a bit of trouble but the two still managed to emerge victorious.

Zen was a low-key fighter who preferred to use his long sword as his primary weapon. Layla, on the other hand, preferred flashy movements and unique martial art techniques, filling the crowd in awe with epic scenes on the battlefield.

This dynamic told a lot about these two. Because of Zen's low-key nature, Adrian realized that he was most probably hiding a lot of his strengths and techniques which made him an unpredictable opponent. Layla, on the other hand, showed all her skills off but this might also backfire on her since predictability was never an advantage in battle.

The palace leaders shared his view, even the Sunset World lord thought the same.

These people were all ranked higher in terms of strength and knowledge but Adrian's intuition amazed them.

Unfortunately, the burly man did not heed Adrian's advice.

"Nah, I think I'll go with the boy," he snickered. "A warrior who possesses such strength while still at the Life and Death Realm is worth my attention."

Adrian's face darkened at his words. Truth be told, he wasn't at all interested with these so-called talents. His to-do list was already full: defeating Layla, freeing the burly man, and excavating the secret treasures of the Dark World.

The entire point of this trial was for them to win, no matter what. Zen was obviously a hard opponent and Adrian wasn't that confident of their victory against him.

He was about to talk him out of fighting Zen

vilion before his life was turned upside-down and he was sent to the Villain World. For his whole life, he chased power and challenged those stronger than him. Yet, this time, it was the other way around. Today, he faced a kid who ranked lower than himself.

His cultivation base had remained stagnant in the Villain World given its scarce resources but he did not fear a mere Life and Death Realm warrior.

He looked Zen up and down and tried to size him up while Zen did the same to him.

To Zen, the burly man's cultivation base was quite firm and powerful but he also sensed a strong level of pride in him. There was no doubt that his opponent was a hardcore fighter with formidable strength! Zen sighed. 'This is going to be a tough fight, ' he thought to himself.

However, just as the two looked at each other's eyes, a yell was heard from the battlefield right next to them, "Brother!"

Zen was astonished by Layla's scream as were the audience who watched with agape mouths as the scene in front of them unfolded.

The burly man gazed at Layla in confusion. He knew he had a sister but he left her ten years ago after being sent to the Villain World. She was only around seven or eight years old at the time which was why he didn't recognize her at first glance.

"Brother! It's me! Layla!" she shouted, her heart bursting with anxiety on whether he remembered her or not.

Her declaration of her name cleared the remaining doubt on the man's face and replaced it with a kind of light that had evaded him for a long time.

The little girl whom Adrian had mentioned was actually his sister…

And to think that she had grown up to be such a powerful warrior, the feelings rushed over him like a tidal wave as he tried to process this piece of information. He couldn't believe that he almost faced against his very own sister!

Even the Sunset World lord sat in shock, also not expecting this kind of coincidence to occur in this ultimate trial.

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