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   Chapter 1396 The Final Round

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Of course, Layla was capable of dealing with these annoying opponents. However, after being targeted by them so deviously, she became rather irritable.

She and Zen entered the twentieth round not long after these bloodthirsty fights.

Twenty rounds was the best result that previous warriors of the thirteen palaces had achieved.

Before this, no one had been able to pass the twentieth round because, the opponents at that level were all warriors at the middle stage of the Soul Sea Realm who had undergone at least four big Heavenly Tribulations.

For the talented martial artists of the thirteen palaces, it was not difficult to challenge those above their cultivation levels. However, dealing with several Soul Sea Realm martial artists at the same time was quite challenging.

So it was in this round that Zen and Layla finally felt the immense pressure they were facing.

There was a huge chasm between the Soul Sea Realm and the Life and Death Realm. What was most troublesome were the domains of the Soul Sea Realm warriors. The suppression of each of these domains had caused a lot of trouble for Zen and Layla.

"Finally, things have become tricky for them. These two should not have stopped at the twentieth round, right?" a palace leader asked.

The Sunset World lord nodded his head indifferently. "That's hard to say. This is after all a one-to-many fight, completely different from the test of the Enchanted Barrier Tower. The opponents they have to face are also vastly distinct…"

"Zen could fight back the attacks of the Soul Sea Realm warriors even though he is just at the fifth level of the Life and Death Realm. I wonder what he will be capable of once he breaks through to the Soul Sea Realm." The leaders were paying more attention to Zen because of his extraordinary performance in the Enchanted Barrier Tower.

However, another palace leader had a different question in mind. He looked at Yolande and said, "I seem to have overlooked something. How many petals did Zen's Lotus Flower have?"

Hearing this question from the palace leader, everyone looked at Yolande curiously.

Before the warriors participated in Passing the Torch, a selection process had been held for all the martial artists from the palaces. The Red Cloud Ring could sense the strength of the warriors and roughly deduce the number of lotus petals that they had activated.

But Yolande shook her head and said, "I don't know."

"You don't know? Could it be that Zen failed the test?" a palace leader asked.

"No." Yolande continued, "When Zen passed through the Red Cloud Ring, its sensing power closed because it reached its saturation point. It was impossible to deduce how many petals Zen had activated."

Hearing Yolande's words, many leaders were shocked.

The Sunset World lord stared, his eyes flashing. "Does that mean it's likely that Zen activated the Mahayana Lotus Flower?"

In the universe, the Hinayana Lotus Flower and the Mahayana Lotus Flower were both important milestones. Martial artists who could open the Nine-petal Lotus Flower were considered to be top talents, but the number of them who could activate the Mahayana Lotus Flower w

s of martial artists, divided according to their levels of strength. Each group corresponded to the eleventh to the twenty-fifth rounds of the test in the Illusion Space.

The martial artists of the fifteenth group were prisoners of the three cages on the high platform.

The twenty-fifth round was the final round of the test…

From beginning to end, Adrian had been the one to work out the strategies and give suggestions. Even though his plan had not been successful against Zen and Layla, everyone had seen its effect. Therefore, they were happy to have Adrian give them orders. At that moment, he once again stepped onto the high platform on top of the enormous square.

"If we want to fight that woman, we'll have to send these condemned prisoners into the battlefield…"

"I heard that these condemned prisoners were all extraordinary characters who came from the Villain World!"

"If they can defeat those two in the ultimate round, they will be able to get their freedom. I believe they would go all out for it, right?"

Under the gazes of the crowd, Adrian walked toward the tall and sturdy man and asked, "Two people have entered the final round. A man and a woman, which one do you choose to fight?"

The burly man asked arrogantly, "Are you joking? How could I choose a woman?"

"I suggest you choose the woman. The man is very strong and has an unfathomable level of strength. I, at least, haven't seen his limits so far," Adrian said in a low voice. After so many rounds, he had not even accomplished his goal. What vexed him especially was that he could not figure out how far Zen's strength went.

"How strong is he?" the burly man asked.

"He's at the fifth level of the Life and Death Realm," Adrian replied truthfully.

The burly man narrowed his eyes and looked at Adrian coldly. "Are you insulting me? Saying that he is strong at that level!"

Even if the man Adrian had mentioned was considered to be a top talent within the thirteen palaces, the fact that the man was still only at the fifth level of the Life and Death Realm was the only thing that vexed the burly man.

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