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   Chapter 1395 Purpose

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Under the furious onslaught of Layla's sword shadows, the warriors standing up against her had almost no room to fight back.

They were quickly sliced into pieces and kicked out of the Illusion Space, never to be seen or heard from again.

As her life vitality gently revolved, Layla's body began to emit a white mist, and the moisture from her wet clothes instantly disappeared, as if the mist was a warm and comfortable fire. She put both of her hands behind her head and gently stroked her astonishingly long hair. The white mist now surrounded her hair too and spread to the end of her long, lustrous locks.

Even so, Layla's expressions weren't exactly happy. Though busy fighting, she still had been able to notice Zen, who had passed the twelfth round of the test long before her. He was standing in front of her with a long sword in his arms, looking at her with a meaningful gaze!

She looked towards him and gave him a fierce glare, "Don't be cheeky! I'll be faster than you in the next round!"

Zen smiled faintly and a noncommittal expression appeared on his face in response. He then silently started the thirteenth round...

Adrian had already arranged three groups of candidates to deal with them in the thirteenth round. Right now, he was going to take care of a more serious matter.

While Zen and Layla were fighting, he passed through a crowd of people in the enormous square and headed towards the large cages...

These cages were seven in number and placed on a high platform. If a warrior was able to hold on to himself through the final challenge, these cages would be opened and the condemned prisoners within them would be released. This was the ultimate trial of the Passing the Torch event.

The cages were enormous, but the warriors inside had been standing ever since they had been locked in. One among them was a burly and sturdily built man, who looked like the most powerful of them all.

From beginning to end, the burly man had never opened his eyes...

All of these prisoners were extremely strong and even from a distance, emitted an extremely ruthless aura. Almost all of the warriors who participated in the training were unwilling to approach this platform.

Adrian flew towards the platform and headed straight for the large cage in the middle.

Inside it, the burly man was sitting still with his eyes closed. "Who are you?" he asked when he sensed someone approach him.

"My name is Adrian Rao," Adrian replied with a smile.

"What do you want?" Came a gruff and succinct response.

Adrian placed his head next to the pillar of the cage and softly uttered, "I want something; it's about the secret treasure of the Dark World..."

Before Adrian could even finish his words, the burly man's eyes popped open and he stood up.

The instant he opened his eyes, an extremely sharp soul suppression force was abruptly shot out, making Adrian's body tremble in fear and crumble down. Immediately after that, his face turned extremely pale and he spat out a mouthful of blood.

"You are just a nobody! How and what do you know about the secret treasure of the Dark World?" The tall man uttered furiously.

Although Adrian had just spat out a mouthful of blood, a faint smile still appeared on

e all discussing about the fight with excitement. Suddenly, someone greeted Adrian, "Adrian, we failed to deal with that woman. How can we break her move and win against her?"

"The warriors in the third group also can't hold on for much longer against her. She is too powerful! Adrian, think of a way!"

A faint smile appeared on Adrian's face. He replied with a serious tone, "It's fine. The next group should be..."

In fact, he had no interest in attacking Layla and Zen right now. However, in order to deal with this group of hot-blooded fellows, he naturally had to pay a price. After a series of detailed analysis, he was rewarded with a resounding cheer from the warriors present there. After that, he selected some of the warriors to form the fourth group and sent them into the Illusion Space for the next round.

The fourteenth round...

The fifteenth round...

The sixteenth round...

Inside the ancient palace, the warriors from the thirteen palaces could clearly see that the strength that the two contestants were displaying inside the Illusion Space was far beyond their imagination.

If the warriors who had passed nineteen rounds before them took part in the fights that were going on right now, they probably wouldn't have lasted even for the first sixteen rounds.

However, Zen and Layla were not ordinary warriors after all. Although they felt that it was getting increasingly difficult to win by the moment, they were still able to suppress their opponents and had passed every round of test till now with their own strength.

However, there was still a slight difference between the two of them...

Zen was still only relying on his Thunder Wind Divine Sword and had not yet showed signs of using any other weapon.

However, Layla had already used a number of her trump cards. Each time she made use of a new supernormal skill, her opponents would be able to come up with a method to restrain it, making that skill useless in the next round. This was going to reduce her number of moves with every round.

But an advantage she still had was that the number and quality of martial arts she was proficient in were unimaginable.

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