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   Chapter 1394 The Space Characteristic

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The warriors' attacks were futile under the suppression of absolute strength. At most, it could only create some obstacles for the opponent. This was the view shared by most of the warriors.

Since Zen had easily broken through the eleventh round of the test, the twelfth round shouldn't cause too much trouble for him.

There wasn't any trace of panic on his face, even if he was being attacked by more than a dozen warriors and his movements were restricted by vines.

As the warriors surrounded him, a crackling sound suddenly came from the Thunder Wind Divine Sword!

The difference between these warriors and those from thirteen palaces was not just in terms of talent or strength. Those warriors from thirteen palaces were also advanced when it came to the weapons they wielded. Those warriors wouldn't have any difficulty at all obtaining a third-rank or secondary second-rank divine weapon in the Weapon House.

Zen's Thunder Wind Divine Sword was one of the amazing first-rank divine weapons.

The sword would be much more powerful once combined with the Law Power that was erupting from the chaotic energy. It was something that these warriors could not withstand. Moreover, there was also the unstoppable Nether God Shadow.

The power of thunder suddenly spread out around Zen. The bright blue lightning was only as thick as his pinky but it formed a circular thunder net with Zen as the center! This was equivalent to using a layer of thunder net to sift through the entire platform. There was no room for escape at all...

The warriors attacking him immediately burned as if struck by lightning. Their bodies turned pitch black and after hovering in the air for about three seconds, they fell onto the platform.

After that, Zen smelled the scorched flavor.

"Whoosh, whoosh..."

Another figure appeared in the air right after the thunder net eased out.

This warrior's main cultivation method was making use of the Space Law and it was only him who survived the attack.

However, just as this warrior had avoided the attack and was plotting to assassinate Zen, seven figures had appeared before him. These were the seven Nether God Shadows cast by Zen. In the blink of an eye, they had torn that warrior into pieces.

Zen then passed the twelfth round...

Compared to the eleventh round, the twelfth round was a bit strenuous for Zen. It was relatively more challenging than those he had already passed.

What he didn't know though was that there were tens of thousands of warriors with depressed faces, standing just on the other side of the Willow Island. They had made a plan to force Zen to use the ace in the hole. However, Zen only relied on the Thunder Wind Divine Sword even after twelve rounds.

Could it be that he relied solely on this sword?

The warrior named Adrian was still indifferent while sucking the wooden stick. Zen's stat

e space outside of the sword shadows to directly collapse. She actually erased the surrounding space!

"That is Kyron's Space Erasing Hand! It seems that he treats Layla well and even taught her such a great skill," remarked the lord of the Sunset World. His eyes were gleaming with familiarity as he watched the girl's cultivation skill.

"This isn't how a Space Erasing Hand works. She's wasting it." Yolande commented flatly.

The Space Erasing Hand was one of Kyron's famous consummate skills.

It would require a deep comprehension of the Space Law for a warrior to use such a skill. When performing this skill, the warriors would need to stretch out their hands to touch the space and erase the place surrounding them, making it disappear.

Of course, the space that Kyron could erase was naturally large compared to what Layla could. The girl was only able to erase the space outside of her sword shadows. It was a circular space that was over one hundred feet wide.

The warriors using the Water Law cultivation were standing around the edge of the platform at first. However, their bodies had no option but to involuntarily moved as soon as the space around them was erased.

This was also a special characteristic of space. Normally, a warrior who cultivated the Space Law might not be able to use the Space Erasing Hand. Nonetheless, they still understood the principles behind it.

If a section of space in the middle was missing, the sections of space on both sides would instantly stick together!

Those warriors were in the outer space of the platform when Layla had erased a circle of space in the middle. Thus at this moment, all the warriors were pulled to the center by the space as a section of space had been missing.

And in the center of the platform, the sword shadows were still rapidly spinning. In a blink of an eye, those warriors, who had been pulled in, were cut into pieces.

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