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   Chapter 1391 A Sheep

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For both Zen and Layla, the first few rounds of the trial were hardly challenging.

But the observing crowd outside measured the strength of the two by how fast they passed the trial.

"Zen is still a bit weaker than Layla—he's naturally faster than the other warriors, but he's still inferior to her."

"Is there any point in comparing their speed, though? I believe that Zen can do it too, but it's not really necessary. It's not like whoever's the fastest can always win."

"It's still a significant factor to consider. Speed and strength should be proportional. Some warriors will slow down after passing the fifth round, making it even more difficult to pass through the sixth round—they'll barely make it through the seventh round and probably fail at the eighth round."

The palace leaders had no comments to make at present.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

As the formidable sword beam swept across the area, Zen swiftly cut the bronze-armored soldiers to pieces.

By then, Layla had already passed the third round of the trial. She could have easily stepped on the fourth disk, but she decided to wait for Zen to pass the third round as well before stepping onto the fourth disc.

It was a form of provocation—every time she opened a new round of trial at the same time with Zen, she could finish it faster than he could.

Then, the fourth round was activated.

Suddenly, many strange-looking white beasts appeared on the platform.

Perhaps Zen had felt Layla's provocation and purposely sped up his movements.

As soon as the fourth round began, Zen infused a sliver of chaotic energy into the Thunder Wind Divine Sword, triggering the sword in his hand to thrust forward rapidly. In the blink of an eye, he had thrust out over ten stabs.


At this moment, about a dozen sword lights that brought along with wind and thunder aggressively shot out.

In an instant, all the white beasts on the stone platform were defeated by Zen. He passed the fourth round!

The white beasts appeared stronger than the warriors from before. When Layla raised her sword to make use of the same method, the white beasts only spat out blood. After the second vibration of the sword, they fell to the ground.

In the fourth round, Zen worked faster than Layla. After she finished off the white beasts, she intended to start the fifth round after Zen had finished the fourth. But this time, he was calm and composed, standing in the middle of the platform. The corners of his lips tugged up as he stared at her.


Layla snorted, pursing her lips in annoyance as she immediately began the fifth round.

Since the two were competing in terms of speed, the tempo of the round sped up increasingly.

In the

e tenth, over ten sparring partners would be assigned to enter the Illusion Space and fight against a warrior. Each time, two hundred warriors would accept the trial in the Illusion Space.

So on the other side of Willow Island, there were over 30, 000 sparring partners on standby. Every time a warrior entered the eleventh round, the sparring partners would enter the Illusion Space and surround the warrior within to attack.

With this arrangement, not all sparring partners had the chance to enter the Illusion Space. Even as sparring partners, they still had to fight for the position. Every sparring partner had to work especially hard. And because in the Illusion Space, ultimately, no one died, the sparring partners could try all means to defeat their opponents without limit.

These sparring partners were talents of many sacred places—it was only that their talent wasn't quite enough for them to enter the thirteen palaces. Their hearts yearned for it and they couldn't help but be filled with envy toward the warriors of the thirteen palaces.

Since they had the opportunity to fight with a warrior from the thirteen palaces, even if they weren't a good match and were likely to be killed, they would still try to inflict as many blows on him as possible.

In this way, they were exceptionally vicious.

Zen nodded slightly as he heard it. The arrangement might be rather troublesome, but it wasn't anything Zen couldn't handle.

"Guys, he's only at the fifth grade of Life and Death Realm—this is an opportunity! We must finish him in the eleventh round to get a good reward out of this!"

The dozen or so sparring partners turned into something like a pack of hungry wolves as they discovered a sheep strolling on the prairie. With that, they surged forward and began attacking Zen mercilessly.

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