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   Chapter 1390 Long Hair

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Even after spending so much time and energy, the two warriors got nothing. It was such a big blow!

Their expressions were deranged, and they were unable to control themselves.

Suddenly, a shallow layer of white mist appeared on the huge rock, floating in the air.

At first, the layer of white mist was very light, almost invisible to the naked eye. The two of them were sitting on the ground, venting their feelings, and they didn't notice it.

The white mist became thicker and was more conspicuous.

Landry was lying on the ground, looking at the sky as his miserable laughter resounded in the air. Damian, however, was staring at the rock. His crazy smile froze on his face, and a stunned expression filled his eyes.

Landry sensed that something was amiss when he looked at Damian, so he asked, "What's wrong?"

Damian surveyed the rock and pointed at the white mist. "What...what the heck is that?"

Upon hearing these words, Landry quivered and suddenly turned around. He stared intently at the rock, and suddenly a bright light emitted from his eyes. He was ecstatic now.

"This...this is... the sword cloud left behind by Supreme Lord Sword! This... This is..." Now Landry was so excited that he couldn't even speak clearly anymore.

Damian was just as thrilled. He was gaping at the sight before him.

Wisps of the white mist in front of his eyes were slowly floating out from the huge rock. The mist contained water, as the huge rock was damp.

The mist was condensing very slowly, and it took a while for a thin layer to appear. Landry had deduced that it was a sword cloud, but he could not see its shape right now. He could only wait for the mist to condense.

Zen, on the other hand, naturally wasn't aware of what was happening at the huge rock.

Except for him and Layla, all the candidates had completed their tests.

As the old man in cotton clothes had made the arrangements, Zen and Layla did not have much of a say in it. He called out the last two names, and the two young warriors stepped into the ancient palace.

A moment later, Zen stepped into the Illusion Space.

The Illusion Space seemed to be engulfed in a thick fog, as if it was a paradise on earth. The ambiance had an ethereal feel to it.

In the fog stood many circular stone platforms. There were a total of two hundred stone platforms to accommodate the two hundred warriors who underwent the trial at the same time.

Zen was standing on one of the stone platform

tate. In the second round, his speed increased a little. The long sword in his hand swiftly destroyed the white-robed warriors who were advancing on him.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Compared to the first round of soldiers, these warriors were slightly stronger. But Zen was able to take care of them without much trouble.

Thirty seconds later, Zen passed the second round.

However, Zen found that Layla was still standing where she was, with her long hair spread out on the platform. She was staring at him with a proud smile.

Zen was astonished. He had thought that passing the second round in thirty seconds was fast enough. He hadn't expected that Layla to be faster than him in this round too.

She mocked him, "You're really slow."

Zen shrugged and turned around to step on the third disk.

This time, a group of bronze-armored warriors appeared on the platform.

But Zen wasn't in a hurry to fight the bronze-armored warriors. Instead, he locked his gaze onto Layla. He wanted to see how she was able to achieve that mind-blowing speed.

Layla had activated the third round. The moment the bronze-armored warriors appeared, she gently raised her sword. When she noticed Zen's gaze, she smiled sweetly, and her cyan sword vibrated. All the warriors shook violently, and almost instantly their armors exploded. All the warriors vanished.

"Wow! That is truly amazing!" Zen exclaimed. He was stunned and was not sure how she did it. No wonder she was able to pass the trials so quickly!

Meanwhile, the warriors on his platform had already surrounded him. He was jolted back to the situation on hand and began to deal with them.

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