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   Chapter 1389 The Peeling-off Words (Part Two)

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Because of this, the rankings had undergone a dynamic shift. The warriors from some palaces, such as the Coldness Palace and the Gold Palace, obtained good results, and some of them had even held on for twenty rounds. This was an impressive display of martial arts and cultivation.

The palace leaders naturally felt proud and elated. The achievements of their subordinates added to their own esteem, after all.

However, when their gazes inadvertently landed on Zen and Layla, they started to feel slightly displeased. The final results of the match were hard to determine for now, since Zen and Layla hadn't even taken part in the battle yet. It was still anyone's game.

Several hours later, it was finally the last group of warriors' turn to challenge!

The last group included one hundred and sixty-three warriors, less than the two hundred warriors who had numbered the previous groups.

The old man didn't even need to call out the remaining warriors, because they already knew that it was their turn now. This was their chance to impress now, and tensions ran high after a whole day of waiting to be called.

However, when the old man marked and selected the names for the last group, Zen and Layla were still unable to find their own names…

What was going on? Zen was astonished and confused.

Layla tilted her head also with a deeply puzzled look on her face.

The old man dressed in the cotton clothes hovered in the air, and seemed to have noticed their expressions, so he said, "The two of you are in the next group!"

"Is that really necessary..." Zen looked morose at that moment. As for the old man, he had a calm expression, as if it was all a matter of course. He was extremely willful and insisted on arranging Zen and Layla in the last group.

he stone for tens of thousands of years, now he treated these fragments as treasures... They were as relatives to him, and had become his family after he had spent so many thousands of years observing them.

As the last piece of stone fragment fell down, all the words on the giant stone wall peeled off, leaving only a few lines of uneven writing at the edges. Both Landry and Damian stared in awe at the barren rock face now. They waited expectantly for a moment, and then they both stepped back from the rock face.

There was no reaction, nor was there any mystery...

A bitter smile appeared on Damian's pale face and heaving a deep sigh, he said, "From now on, we can be free."

"Free? Ha-ha... Sixty thousand years! Sixty thousand years! I've been sitting here for sixty thousand years!" Landry's laughter was somewhat hysterical as it echoed back off the blank rock. He had stayed there for three times longer than Damian. Back then, when the Willow Island was turned into a place for the Passing the Torch, all the warriors who were in front of the huge stone had to leave there. Landry had tried his best to strive for the chance to stay there, and he finally made it!

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