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   Chapter 1388 The Peeling-off Words (Part One)

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"The second group!"

The old man dressed in cotton clothes stretched out his hand and once again casually made a mark on the name list, in the end selecting two hundred warriors' names.

As those names floated out, the warriors, who saw their names, entered the ancient palace.

As for the challenges in the Illusion Space, the vast majority of the warriors were able to hold on for the first six rounds.

After six rounds, the difficulty level increased dramatically. There were more and more warriors expiring then, and once they were vanquished, they would be eliminated from the Illusion Space.

Seven rounds, eight rounds, nine rounds, ten rounds…

As the difficulty increased, the number of eliminated warriors also increased.

However, there were a few who were more powerful, and displayed eye-catching talents in the second group.

For example, the warrior who was surnamed Li lasted for an amazing 19 rounds before he was finally eliminated!

This time, the old man in cotton clothes was somewhat satisfied. He said in his customarily dry voice, "Among this group of warriors, Rafael Li has held on for nineteen rounds. Not bad!"

A faint trace of a smile appeared on Rafael Li's impassive face. He then glanced at Zen and Layla, hoping for a reaction on their part. A talent who could enter the thirteen palaces was, after all, quite conceited.

Before participating in the Passing the Torch, Rafael Li had been very confident of his own strength. However, in the Enchanted Barrier Tower, he hadn't performed as well as Zen and Layla had!

Even though he had thought that it would be very difficult for him to get a first place, he had never expected that the gap between him and these two warriors would have become so large...

The trial in the Illusion Space was not a competition of endurance, but a display of the strongest combat power one


Even though two hundred warriors entered the ancient palace each time, the warriors might still need to be divided into over twenty groups, as there were more than four thousand warriors. So Zen had to wait for a long time before he took his turn in entering the ancient palace.

Layla could also roughly guess what was going on, so she did not raise her head to look for her name.

As more and more warriors entered the Illusion Space, some of them achieved amazing results.

Some warriors might have only walked about eight thousand miles or even five thousand miles within the Enchanted Barrier Tower during the previous challenge. But, they had still managed to obtain good results this time. Testing different skills led to great accomplishments.

After all, while the warriors had stayed in the Enchanted Barrier Tower, they had just faced the test of endurance and the comprehension of laws. Being a warrior was determined by more than just two skills.

It was true that their fighting strength was linked to these things, but there were some warriors who simply weren't able to display their full strength in the Law Storm. In a different environment, these warriors were able to rise to the occasion and achieve greatness.

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