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   Chapter 1387 Challenge

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This was the truth. Although the others couldn't hear the life vitality sound transmission, they could still feel it.

The Sunset World lord was very sensitive to life vitality.

He was unable to detect any life vitality fluctuations around Yolande and Zen.

The Sunset World lord nodded and looked impressed. A martial artist's vision was often very important.

He stretched out his hand and flicked the Cold Plum Blood Spear, and the spear went spinning towards Zen.

Zen grabbed the spear and studied it closely. He discovered that there were faint traces of plum blossoms on the shaft of the spear.

A trace of chaotic energy emitted from his palm and got absorbed within Cold Plum Blood Spear silently.

The plum blossoms on the shaft gradually revealed themselves, turning into streaks of blood-red plum blossoms. Under the blood light, they bloomed to become more vivid and glistened, while at the same time, they exuded an aura from remote ages. Since the name of the spear had the word "blood" in it, there must be a story behind it.

"Eh? How is your life vitality so refined? The color of the plum blossoms that is activated is so bright." The Sunset World lord had a strange expression on his face.

With his cultivation as a world lord, the life vitality he had accumulated was countless times greater than that of a kid at the Life and Death Realm. However, even he was unable to awaken the ancient blood to this extent. So how did Zen do it?

It was only possible if Zen also possessed a strand of ancient blood, which was able to interact with the ancient blood within the spear.

However, the Sunset World lord was unable to detect the aura of an ancient bloodline from Zen's body. He was bewildered now.

All talents had their own secrets. For example, Zen was able to fly 36, 000 miles relying only on his own physical strength. What abilities did he have that allowed him to travel so far? It was a mystery. And the Sunset World lord didn't intend to probe.

The other palace heads also looked at the spear in Zen's hands with a trace of envy in their eyes.

The weapons held by the palace heads were somewhat on par with Zen's spear. How could anyone not envy this kid who had obtained such a powerful weapon at this level?

"Sir, do tell us what is the reward for traveling 30, 000 miles?" Yolande cut in again.

The Sunset World lord chuckled in response and said, "I will reveal it to Zen when the Passing the Torch ends!"

Unlike the Celestial Position's Tower of Crystal, Passing the Torch was a pure trial, and this trial was divided into two parts. The first p

by surviving the extinction period.

"What's so strange about that? It's said that the Illusion Battlefield has always opened during the war of the worlds. Perhaps, it is a prelude to the chaos worlds." Layla thought this was common knowledge, but it was necessary to elucidate to Zen.

"I understand," he said, nodding.

Now, everyone's attention was on the trial in the ancient hall.

Under the instructions of the old man, a row of Picture Slabs were hung up for people to watch the trial in the ancient palace.

The two hundred people entering the Illusion Space together were definitely not going to fight with each other at the same time.

It was only when the Picture Slabs were hung up that Zen clearly saw that the warriors had been continuously accepting challenges after entering the Illusion Space.

Soon, martial artists were getting eliminated from the competition. Their projections died in the Illusion Space. When the original bodies opened their eyes, they dejectedly left the ancient palace.

Over time, the challenge became more and more difficult, and more and more people exited the area.

The last person endured a total of eleven rounds before his projection finally perished in the Illusion Space. When he opened his eyes, he discovered that he was the only person left in the ancient palace. A smug look appeared on his face.

When all two hundred of them had left the ancient hall, the old man shook his head and said, "Even the one with the best results in this round has only accepted eleven challenges. This is quite disappointing."

It was obvious that the old man's opinion of the two hundred warriors was not high. He didn't even announce the name of the warrior who took the first place.

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