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   Chapter 1386 The Cold Plum Blood Spear

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Gathering the heavenly essence was not a difficult task for Zen.

In the past, he was restricted by his own sacred weapon body, but now that he was more powerful, he was no longer stopped by it.

His physical body had already become a divine weapon. Although he didn't know what grade of weapon it was, it would definitely be able to contain more than ten thousand dragon scales...

Thinking of this, Zen suddenly patted his head in self-assurance.

Would his body become a supreme divine weapon if it continued to gain more power?

'I've heard that the Universe Spirit Tablet is very special. Although the Law of Causality contained within it is useless in battle, it could detect all the magic weapons in the universe, ' he thought.

If his physical body became so strong, would his name also appear on the Universe Spirit Tablet?

Impressive as it was, Zen did not consider this a good thing for himself. He didn't want his special physique to be exposed to others.

Hence he voiced his concern.

Both Lavender and the cyan dragon passed their judgment at the same time, believing that it was indeed possible for his name to appear on the Universe Spirit Tablet!

His current physical body appeared to be made of flesh and blood, but his essence had already been changed by the Divine Flame Cauldron. In many ways, his body had the characteristics of a weapon.

One might say that he was half-human and half-weapon...

This sort of situation had never taken place in the universe before. Lavender and the cyan dragon thought it might be possible, but they were not a hundred percent certain that his name would really appear on the Spirit Tablet.

When Zen stopped in front of the lightning waterfall, the world lord of the Sunset World, Yolande and other palace leaders thought he was about to cross it.

Even Yolande was starting to get nervous. If Zen really did cross it, she would personally go in the waterfall and bring him out...

However, after reaching thirty-six thousand miles, Zen paused for a moment and changed his mind. Then, he suddenly appeared at the entrance of the Enchanted Barrier Tower!

At this moment, Zen's physical body upgraded to another level as he got burnt by the Profound Flame. His clothes were charred, so he took out a spare set of white clothes and put them on. He looked vivacious and extraordinary.

Many warriors who had returned from the Enchanted Barrier Tower were either injured or covered in dirt. Zen had traveled thirty-six thousand miles, going twice as far as Supreme Lord Illusion and eight thousand miles farther than Layla. It was not hard for the warriors of the thirteen palaces to imagine the danger involved in this journey.

But Zen looked perfectly fine, as if he had just returned from a vacation.

Many warriors were speechless an

ourt. He would have to make a choice.

Lavender said flatly, "Zen, you don't need to use up two rewards for the spear."

But Zen was still hesitant. He considered Lavender to be very powerful. If he could help her get an even better spear, he would not think twice about it. He didn't care whether he was sacrificing one or two rewards for this purpose.

Reading his thoughts, Lavender said, "No need! I just want the black spear on the right side."

Since Lavender was determined not to get the first-rank spear, Zen could no longer insist on it. He nodded to the lord of the Sunset World and said, "There's no need. I want this spear!"

said Zen pointing at the black spear on the far right.

"Oh?" A look of surprise flashed across the Sunset World lord's face. "You seem to have a really in-depth knowledge of spears. Or is it someone else who gave you this advice?" he asked looking in the direction of Yolande.

The four spears were ranked at around nine thousand on the Universe Spirit Tablet, and the Cold Plum Blood Spear that Zen selected was the best among the four options he was given. It currently ranked nine thousand and thirty-sixth.

Every month, the Universe Spirit Tablet would be refreshed and the words written on it would change. The rankings of the weapons also changed constantly, and the lower the grade of the weapon was, the more its rank fluctuated. However, this Cold Plum Blood Spear was more prized than the other three spears.

Zen had chosen it without thinking too much, so the lord of the Sunset World believed that it was Yolande who advised him to pick that spear.

Yolande naturally knew that it was Lavender who had asked Zen to choose that spear. She shook her head and said to the lord of the Sunset World, "I have never spoken to Zen through my life vitality. Besides, you can always feel the life vitality fluctuations."

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