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   Chapter 1385 Thirty-six Thousand Miles

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"This brat… he dared to break into the flame pool!"

"Anyone who touches the Immortal Profound Flame is doomed to be burned into ashes! Is this kid not afraid of death?"

Zen had stood in front of the pool for quite a while and all the leaders thought he would eventually give up and turn away. However, one could imagine their shock when he actually went and jumped into the pool!

The Immortal Profound Flame was an inextinguishable fire that would never cease to glow. If one valued their life then one would choose to steer clear of it, and it would be a blind faith if one chose to continue moving forward.

All these leaders had extensive knowledge and experience of the world while their strength could be considered close to the level of world lords. But despite their wisdom, it seemed they could still be surprised.

"Sir, shouldn't we bring that kid back?"

one of the leaders asked the Sunset World lord. The world lord pondered for a moment. It would be quite a pity if such an extraordinary warrior like Zen died in the Enchanted Barrier Tower.

Layla was definitely set to be admitted to the Spring Fragrance Pavilion.

Zen, on the other hand, would probably be sent to the Gauze Pavilion!

There was no way the Sunset World lord could allow this young man to die. He suddenly stood up and prepared to go after him!

A world lord's stride could cross tens of thousands of miles in just a blink of an eye.

However, a gentle voice froze him in place, "Sir, please wait…"

The sound of Yolande's voice caused a strange expression to appear on the Sunset World lord's face, "Oh? What is it?"

"There's no need to bring Zen out. He… He won't perish," she told him.

She had initially been worried about Zen and also thought conclusions of these leaders were indeed reasonable, and she could also predict what would happen if Zen stepped into the flame pool.

However, after thinking more about it, she realized that Zen was not someone who would do something so recklessly. Since he had chosen to move forward, then he probably knew what he was doing. There was no need to worry about him.

These leaders' worries were reasonable and not unfounded but Zen had proven time and again that he wasn't someone that could be judged by common standards.

The Sunset World lord stood his ground after hearing Yolande's words. He stood back and looked towards the place where the young man had vanished. He too wanted to see if Zen would make it.

With this, the many leaders' worries abated, especially when they saw what happened to him next.

Within the flame pool, they witnessed th

absorbing the Immortal Profound Flame. Zen had to get rid of it now because Lavender had reminded him that he would walk out of here with the ball of Immortal Profound Flame on him. But he didn't think it would be acceptable if others saw him like this.

After the Ancestral Dragon completely devoured the Immortal Profound Flame, it burped loudly, indicating that it had eaten its fill.

Zen then stretched his hand out towards the little dragon.

With a snort, the Ancestral Dragon obediently went towards him and Zen stuffed it inside the spirit beast bag. His actions seemed to have displeased it as the little dragon moved wildly for a little bit before finally becoming still.

With the extinguished Immortal Profound Flame, Zen's molten red body finally began to cool down.

His tempered physique had once again risen another level though he couldn't be too sure what rank he had reached since he didn't see any evidence of divine textures on his chest. He could only figure it out in the future.

However, his strength still increased greatly!

To test this out, Zen began to condense the power of the dragon scales.

The surging power quickly rushed into his body!

One thousand dragon scales...

Three thousand dragon scales...

Five thousand dragon scales...

Ten thousand dragon scales...

Fifteen thousand dragon scales...

He had already activated all the dragon scales that had been lit up, but he felt nothing different in his body. All he could feel was the raw power surging through his veins!

He clenched his fist and marveled at how such a small action could release such a huge force that actually distorted the surrounded space!

It seemed that he would need to collect more heavenly essence…

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