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   Chapter 1384 The Divine Flame World

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To be safe, Zen only stretched out one hand.

If these flames could really incinerate his body, then he would be able to retreat in time. Losing one arm was better than losing his entire body.

Zen was being naive, though.

The moment he touched the purple flames, they spread from his arm throughout his body at a speed that far exceeded his imagination. There was no time for him to react at all.

The scorching heat from the flames poured directly into his body, spreading to every bone and every organ.

"This is bad..." Zen's face darkened. He hadn't thought that these purple flames would be so powerful.

He gritted his teeth while bearing the scorching heat of the purple flames. As for whether or not he would succeed, it was up to the heavens.

Zen had been tempered by flames before, but this time his body reacted way faster and much more violently.

Under the burning of the flames, his body turned red, as if he was a statue that was melting into molten steel.

At the same time, golden vortexes appeared on the surface of his body and started to spin quickly.

When the golden vortexes began to absorb the purple flames, Zen started to feel relieved.

Although Zen felt confident, he couldn't help but worry that the flames left behind by the Supreme Lord were too powerful. It was true that his physical body was comparable to a sacred weapon, but these flames were impressive. He knew that if he were to throw a sacred weapon into the fire, it would instantly turn into molten metal.

Zen never thought that these flames would be so fierce. He felt relieved that his body reacted incredibly fast, or he wouldn't have been able to withstand the heat.

Now that he had already absorbed some of the purple flames, he decided to wait before crossing the flame pool until his body had settled.

As the dense golden vortexes were crazily absorbing the purple flames, he soon found out that there was something wrong.

The golden vortexes were absorbing the flames too fast, just like a starving boy wolfing down his food. Each time the golden vortexes were activated, they would be able to completely absorb the flames within a short period of time. They were just like vicious beasts that had starved for a thousand years, and were extremely greedy for the flames.

Now, even though his body had been absorbing the flames for so long, the purple flames on his body would not disappear. They kept on burning even more brilliantly making Zen shine.

From a distance, Zen looked like a burning pillar of fire. A long tower of fire soared up above his head, charging straight to the top of the Enchanted Barrier Tower.

"These purple flames keep coming. It seems like I will never be able to absorb all of them."

Zen pla


When the cyan dragon brought the Ancestral Dragon up, Zen realized that the Ancestral Dragon seemed to be able to ignore all laws.

When he was in the Heavenly Stellar Secret Land, Zen had been unable to take out the Ancestral Dragon egg. The Ancestral Dragon had been able to easily ignore the limit of the spatial refraction. However, Zen and the Spirit Supreme Realm warriors of Celestial Position couldn't enter the refracted space.

"The Ancestral Dragon..."

A light flashed through Zen's eyes as he looked at the spirit beast bag.

But he didn't reach out to take the spirit beast bag. He lightly flicked his fingers towards the bag from a distance and, in a flash, the baby dragon dashed straight towards him and pounced into his arms.

The little guy had spent most of its time in Zen's spirit beast bag. Although the interior space of the spirit beast bag was big, it still felt stuffy and had to run outside to take a stroll.

It simply jumped onto Zen's body, ignoring the Immortal Profound Flame just like it had ignored the spatial refraction before. The Immortal Profound Flame indeed did not cause any harm to the Ancestral Dragon.

'This little guy is immune to all Original Laws.'

Zen held out his hands in front of the Ancestral Dragon. The purple flames on his hands continued to burn, without any sign of weakening.

When the Ancestral Dragon saw this it opened its small mouth and swallowed the flames burning on Zen's hands.

Before long, Zen began flying across the flame pool. He would still catch the Immortal Profound Flame while flying, and he did not let the Ancestral Dragon clean the flames on his body. He wanted to wait until after he had covered these two hundred miles.

Just then, the warriors outside the Enchanted Barrier Tower discovered that Zen had once again advanced!

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