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   Chapter 1383 The Flame Pool

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After Zen entered the inner circle of the Law Storm, no one could see him, but they could still feel his position and deduce how many miles he had covered. This was truly becoming an interesting spectacle to observe, and the palace leaders all followed Zen's progress with bated breaths.

The palace leaders were all extremely familiar with the Enchanted Barrier Tower.

When that palace leader had mentioned the flame pool earlier, the other leaders immediately understood what he was talking about.

The flame pool was located at the 29, 800-mile mark. This was where the Immortal Profound Flame had been left by Supreme Lord of Profound Flame.

In the chaotic war among several Supreme Lords many years ago, the Law Power that they had used had nearly torn the entire Orange Sea World apart. The remnant might of the Law Power reverberated throughout the entire supreme world, turning the Orange Sea World into a dead world.

In the end, the alliance took a fancy to the Orange Sea World and used the remaining land as a training ground, while they named it Passing the Torch. The alliance had made the best use of the Orange Sea World's remains.

The remaining Law Power had slowly evolved, disintegrating into various law fragments, and then finally intertwined together to form this massive Law Storm.

However, not all of the Supreme Lords' remaining Law Power had disintegrated. Some of it still lingered in the Orange Sea World.

The skills of some of the Supreme Lords were able to transcend both space and time, such as the Immortal Profound Flame.

Even though it had endured for countless years and was engulfed by the Law Storm, the Immortal Profound Flame still maintained its exuberant state, burning fiercely within the Enchanted Barrier Tower.

It wasn't that the Immortal Profound Flame hadn't been disintegrated at all, but rather that it had also been disintegrated into a considerable amount of Fire Law fragments. And these Fire Law fragments had also fused with the Law Storm.

But even after so many years, when some of the palace leaders entered to investigate, they discovered that the flame pool still contained much danger.

The flame pool would not have been worth mentioning to the palace leaders, but it was still something left behind by a Supreme Lord. For warriors at the Life and Death Realm or the Soul Sea Realm, it was like hell. Zen was going to face an obstacle the likes of which he had never dealt with before.

Yolande, the other palace leaders and the lord of the Sunset World were well aware of it.

That was why that palace leader had firmly told Yolande that it was simply impossible for Zen to reach 30, 000 miles.

This was equivalent to letting a newborn child walk into a blazing fire. But Yolande confidently said that this child would be able to do so. This was a very laughable hypothesis!

29, 600 miles...

29, 700 miles...

29, 800 miles...

vious benefits for his strength development.

However, Zen felt some hesitation when he stopped in front of the flame pool.

The flame pool was something left behind by a Supreme Lord. Perhaps the remaining might within it had weakened countless times over the years, but the purple flames still made Zen feel a brief tingling of fear. There was something ominous and threatening about the purple flames.

Would his sacred weapon body be able to withstand the burning of these purple flames? Was he overestimating his skills? Would he soon face the music? Warriors were all endowed with a certain elevated sense of self, and though this was one of their best assets, it could also be their downfall.

Previously, Zen had also understood that with his sacred weapon body, he didn't seem to be afraid of any flames. However, this time, the flames he encountered were completely different. And clearly more deadly!

If he did not succeed and died here, it would be a tragedy. To have come so far and then fail was a tragedy which he could not allow.

Thinking of this, Zen slowly walked to the edge of the flame pool. The closer he got, the more he could feel the fierce heat blowing against his face. Great, shimmering heat waves drifted lazily across the air.

When he was still about 100 feet away, his clothing burst into flames and then turned into a pile of white ashes, scattering from his body. Flexing his powerful body, Zen struggled on.

"These are the most powerful flames among all of the flames that I have ever come in contact with," he murmured appreciatively.

Zen was both vigilant and hopeful in the face of the roaring flames. He knew that he was taking a risk, but there were some dangers that he had no choice but to face. His honor demanded it, and he didn't back down from a challenge.

He slowly walked to the edge of the flame pool and stared at the violent flames as he extended his hand into the flame pool.

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