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   Chapter 1382 Break The Record

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Zen didn't really absorb the Law Storm into his body.

It could be because of the high degree of concentration of the Law Storm that it had the elementary form of chaotic energy. It seemed that there was some sort of "restoration" taking place in the Enchanted Barrier Tower.

However, the Law Storm was not chaotic energy, and it wouldn't be good for Zen if he absorbed it into his elixir field.

Nonetheless, Zen was satisfied that he could make use of the Law Storm.

He was aware that the Law Storm couldn't obstruct him anymore. It was as if he was flying in the outside world. He felt rather relaxed.

As Zen increased his speed, he flew forward like a bat out of hell.

Thus, the palace leaders became more and more surprised.

In an instant, Zen had passed 19, 000 miles.

And then, 20, 000 miles....

21, 000 miles...

22, 000 miles...

Zen did not stop and continued onward at full speed.

"This is so amazing! He is like flying in the outside world."

"What secret method is this guy using? He must be cheating!"

Javier was still healing himself at the corner of the plaza. A bitter smile cracked his lips after he witnessed the performance of Layla and Zen.

'Darn, I was so naive.

I wanted to prove myself so bad and be the number one in Passing the Torch.

Why didn't I think of how impossible that was with Layla and Zen around? I'm far behind to either of them, ' he thought.

Meanwhile, Layla could no longer stay calm.

Her heart pounded and her hands clenched into fists. Her fingertips were beginning to turn pale due to the amount of strength she was using. Thus, her blood couldn't flow to her fingertips anymore.

"He passed 23, 000 miles! Will he continue?" uttered Layla to herself while looking sideways at Zen. She really wanted to call for a halt. She wanted Zen to stop. 'Stop moving! Stop moving!' she kept yelling inside her head.

However, Zen just kept moving forward.

23, 000 miles...

24, 000 miles...

25, 000 miles...

"He has already passed 23, 000 miles." The lord of Sunset World clapped his hands and laughed. "Amazing! Truly amazing! I missed his performance earlier. I didn't expect this guy to be capable of doing something like this."

"Well, it looks like you are going to suffer a great loss," joked Yolande with a smile.

As a reply, the world lord laughed. "I have always been generous to the juniors. Since I've promised, I won't go back on my word."

Yolande suddenly thought of something at that time. Thus, she flashed a smile and asked, "There is a reward for passing 20, 000 miles. I wonder if there's another reward for passing 30, 000 miles."

Surprise showed on the world lord's face. On the other hand, all other palace leaders looked at the

ody expected for her record to be broken in this grand era.

However, the shocking reality was now screaming at their faces.

It was as if Layla's record wasn't terrifying and suffocating enough that Zen easily broke it.

Layla's record only lasted for a few hours.

"Will Zen continue moving forward?"

"Can he pass 29, 000 miles?"

"The space after 28, 000 miles is already the inner circle of the Law Storm. The difficulty isn't the same as how it was in the outer circle. Thus, Layla chose to leave the space 200 miles after she reached 28, 000. I believe that Zen will give up now that he has broken Layla's record."

The audience all thought that Zen would be leaving the Enchanted Barrier Tower now since there was no one competing with him anymore. He had already taken the first place, and it would be of little significance for him to still advance.

However, they were wrong.

This was because Zen wasn't thinking of surpassing anyone and had only been following his own will to move forward since he started.

The only person he wanted to challenge wasn't anyone else but himself.

Thus, he didn't stop and continued charging forward.

"We won't be able to observe him any longer once he enters the inner circle," a palace leader said while staring at the dark gray Law Storm.

"But we can still feel his position. He has already reached 29, 000 miles," the world lord said with a helpless smile. He now realized that Zen's goal was to pass 30, 000 miles.

At that time, one of the palace leaders said, "At around 29, 000-mile mark, I remember that there is a flame pool. There is the Immortal Profound Flame left by Supreme Lord of Profound Flame. Even after all these years, the flame pool still hasn't been completely absorbed by the Law Storm. I don't think Zen would cross that flame pool."

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