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   Chapter 1381 The Prototype

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For the most part, there was no actual suspense regarding the contest results in the Enchanted Barrier Tower.

Layla had not only broken the record set by Supreme Lord Illusion, but had also set a new record herself.

She had raised the bar higher by setting a record that was even more difficult to beat.

To put it simply, beating her record would be like turning the world upside down—impossible!

Zen had broken the record set by Supreme Lord Illusion. In spite of that, everyone was convinced that he wouldn't be able to break Layla's incredible record.

Eighteen thousand miles was already an insurmountable record, let alone twenty-eight thousand miles.

Since Zen was the last person to come out of the Enchanted Barrier Tower, everyone's attention was focused on him.

As time went by, Zen remained motionless in the Enchanted Barrier Tower like a monk in meditation, as if he was trying to comprehend something.

Layla curled her lips and darkened her eyebrows. Her eyes shone bright, reflecting the strong light from the sun.

Despite the first eighteen thousand miles being a bottleneck, it was relatively easy to finish. Beyond it, the Law Power was compressed to the limit.

All of the law fragments were condensed together to form the dark Law Storm.

Earlier when Supreme Lord Illusion stopped here, it was most likely due to the Law Storm.

However, Layla did not linger there for even a moment. After she opened Wrath of the Ocean, her focus kept her rushing on forward.

Although the dark Law Storm was fierce, it didn't pose much of a threat to Layla.

Meanwhile, everyone else wondered what was going on inside Zen's mind.

Two minutes had passed.

Five minutes...

One hour...

Two hours...

Four hours...

The heads of the palaces and the lord of Sunset World, however, remained calm. After all, they were all strong and experienced warriors.

To them, this length of time was like a fleeting moment.

On the other hand, the warriors in the plaza were starting to become a little anxious.

It wasn't that they were feeling impatient.

After all, they had gone through countless tough training and boring practices to become so strong and resilient.

A mere few hours of waiting was nothing to them. Sometimes, when they practiced closed door cultivation, they would spend at least an entire year with no one but themselves to keep them company.

However, Passing the Torch did not consist of only one trial in the Enchanted Barrier Tower. They were eagerly looking forward to the next trial. With this expectation, it wouldn't be a surprise if they felt as though time was passing dreadfully slowly.

"What is Zen doing? He is wasting everyone's time."

"Who knows? Th


"Does he plan to leave the Enchanted Barrier Tower or continue to move forward?"

"It looks like he's starting to move forward."

"He's actually walking with his legs."

"He's finally flying."

"He is still very slow."

"He is accelerating! Wow, he is moving really fast!"

"But... he still hasn't used his life vitality! It seems like he isn't using any secret techniques. So how can he be so fast?"

"Oh God!"

The practitioners, on one side of the plaza, who had been complaining nonstop before, were now clamoring again. Of course, this time they weren't complaining about Zen's delay, but rather they were amazed at his speed.

Zen was advancing even faster than Layla from before.

The heads of palaces, at this moment, had very interesting expressions on their faces. The lord of Sunset World was looking at Zen attentively.

Zen knew why Layla was able to travel 28, 000 miles at such a high speed. She did so by opening the Wrath of the Ocean.

However, Zen was relying only on his own strength. Despite his vast knowledge and experience, the lord of Sunset World was unable to figure out how he did it.

"Zen seems to be even more powerful than Layla," one of the heads of the palaces exclaimed, mouth agape in astonishment.

"That seems to be the case, but he still hasn't covered twenty thousand miles. I don't think he will be able to break Layla's record," argued another palace leader.

Yolande remained indifferent just as she was before, but the corners of her mouth curved into a faint smile.

The surprise in Layla's eyes was undeniable as she stood on the top floor. However, after she pursed her lips, she faintly said to herself, "I know you won't stop at 18, 000 miles, otherwise you wouldn't be fit to be my rival. But to go beyond 28, 000 miles is impossible!"

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