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   Chapter 1380 Not Bad

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Layla tried to find out where Zen was before she left the Enchanted Barrier Tower.

However, in the face of the boundless Law Storm, she naturally couldn't know where Zen was or whether he had even been eliminated from the test already.

"So Zen reached the 18, 000th mile, right?"

Layla smiled. Even though she had left the Enchanted Barrier Tower before him, she was confident with what she had achieved. She knew that there was no way Zen would be able to beat her record.

Admittedly, 28, 200 miles was the best she could do.

After reaching the 28, 200th mile, Leila could feel the pressure.

The Law Storm could only be described as terrifying. The power of both thunder and fire mixed together, the extremely compressed wind blades, and the frost that could freeze anything...

If Layla had tried to push herself and realize her full potential, she might have been able to travel another thousand miles further.

However, she didn't think it was worth it. She believed she did her best and people were already impressed enough with her.

It was more than enough for her that she had beaten ordinary warriors and the talented ones too. She could proudly hold her head high in front of anyone including Zen.

It was so satisfying to see the astounded looks of all those warriors from the thirteen palaces.

She couldn't help but feel fulfilled as everyone looked at her with much respect and admiration.

"Layla, please come upstairs," she heard Yolande's voice calling for her.

Layla nodded lightly in response. Her embroidered shoes clattered on the floor as her small figure floated over so that she was in front of all the leaders.

Before, these leaders never really paid that much attention to Layla.

They were all powerful warriors that were qualified to be world lords and were regarded with prestige.

Layla was just a junior compared to them. She was much inferior in terms of age and her cultivation base.

But after what they had just witnessed, they regarded her now with respect and admiration.

Even standing in front of these powerful figures, Layla wasn't nervous at all. Instead, she turned to the old man wearing a cotton robe and asked, "If there's a reward for crossing 10, 000 miles, shouldn't there be a reward too for crossing 20, 000 miles?"

The old man was dumbfounded.

He'd never considered before that someone could reach 20, 000 miles.

So he hadn't prepared a reward for such an achievement.

One of the leaders said with a smile, "There should be a reward for her! 28, 000 miles. That's amazing! She deserves the best reward!"

"I agree! She should get a reward at least for the new record she has set!" another one chimed in.

The old man hesitated for a moment. What reward would be proper? He had trouble figuring it out

ok and said with a slightly surprised voice, "He has reached the 18, 000th mile. That's not bad."

In fact, 18, 000 miles was not bad at all because it was excellent. This was Supreme Lord Illusion's record back then. Plus, Zen was actually at 18, 300 miles already which meant that he had already broken Supreme Lord Illusion's record.

This achievement was far from 'not bad.'

However, since Layla had just set a record of 28, 000 miles which was 10, 000 miles ahead of Zen, Zen's achievement suddenly paled in comparison.

Yolande discreetly pursed her lips and said, "Zen seems to be meditating. I think he's still going to go farther."

Yolande couldn't be sure. She had guessed that Zen would beat Supreme Lord Illusion's record and she had turned out to be right.

However, she wasn't sure how far Zen could actually reach. She could only make a conservative estimate.

Layla also looked towards the Enchanted Barrier Tower and said with a smile, "I agree! Zen's achievement is already great! He might go a bit farther and he might even reach the 20, 000 miles' mark!"

Yolande shot her an annoyed glance. She disliked Layla for her arrogance. Layla seemed to doubt that Zen could break her record.

Yolande secretly hoped that Zen would beat her. However, she knew how difficult it was to break the astonishing record that Layla had just set. For some reason, she felt upset about this.

The lord of the Sunset World said, "Let's just see if this boy will surprise us. If he can reach the 20, 000 miles' mark, I will also give him my reward. I just wonder how long he's going to meditate there. It's a bit difficult to meditate inside the Law Storm, after all."

The crowd then fell into silence as they observed the last person in the Enchanted Barrier Tower. Zen hadn't moved in a while and everyone was wondering how long this would last.

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