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   Chapter 1379 An Incredible Record

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"She's already reached the 16, 000th mile. This Layla, she's really amazing…"

"I have no doubt that this woman is going to be admitted to the Spring Fragrance Pavilion when she passes the test of Passing the Torch!"

"It's truly impressive. Back when I took the test in the Enchanted Barrier Tower, I was only able to travel 13000 miles. That was already my limit!"

The leaders of the palaces were all shocked at Layla's capabilities.

Even though she'd already impressed them earlier, they never thought that she would break a record.

Everyone was more amazed at what happened next.

When Layla surpassed the 16000 miles' mark, she increased her speed again. Her body was then covered in a layer of cyan light and a small crack appeared on the spot between her eyebrows where a small cyan stone could be seen.

The stone was about the size of a fingertip and it looked nothing out of the ordinary.

When the leaders saw the stone, they seemed to be shocked. The old man in cotton clothes even stood up in surprise.

"The Wrath of the Ocean!"

"She actually has the Wrath of the Ocean!"

"That old Kyron really did hide it quite well…."

Some were surprised while some sighed.

The other martial artists who were also watching were confused. They didn't know what the Wrath of the Ocean was.

The old man in cotton clothes descended slowly back to his chair and muttered, "That's not right. If Layla has the Wrath of the Ocean, it's impossible that the Spring Fragrance Pavilion didn't know, and Kyron wouldn't have sent her to participate in Passing the Torch in the first place…"

"From the looks of it, he probably doesn't know that Layla has the Wrath of the Ocean.." Yolande said as she nodded. She was suddenly looking at Layla in a different light.

In fact, Yolande had always thought that Zen would surpass Layla sooner or later. It was something she'd always believed in based on the memories of two of her clones.

However, when she saw that Layla had the Wrath of the Ocean, she started to question her judgment.

The Wrath of the Ocean was an extremely special and powerful talent.

In the Upper World, special talents, skills, and physiques weren't uncommon. For instance, there was an ancient ogre who had a physique that was indestructible. When the cultivator reached a certain realm, his body could never be destroyed. Even when he was turned to fine powder, he could still recover.

Other examples were the Purple Power Body, the Genuine Phoenix and Genuine Dragon bloodlines, and all sorts of legendary beasts bloodlines. There were some martial artists that came from these bloodlines and it wasn't uncommon at all. Just like the Dragon Lineage Human of the Genu

hat she would set would be one that wouldn't be surpassed anytime soon by anyone. What she had achieved today was outstanding even more so than the record Supreme Lord Illusion had set before.

Just as they expected, after Layla broke through the 24000 mark, her speed was still astonishingly fast without any signs of decreasing or stopping.

As for Zen, he had seemingly stopped at the 18000 mark and he wasn't moving as if he was meditating.

Yolande pursed her lips as she gazed at Zen. She was a little worried. From the very beginning. She had thought highly of Zen and hoped that he would surpass Layla. But now, Zen was seemingly stuck in the middle of the Law Storm. 'What is he up to?', she wondered.

"25000 miles!"

"26000 miles!"

"27000 miles… I'm going crazy, this woman's a freak!"

Layla didn't slow down until she reached the 28000th mile.

"She finally slowed down…"

"She has already surpassed Supreme Lord Illusion's record by 10000 miles. That's unbelievable!"

"Of course she has to slow down. If she continues to advance deeper into the tower, then she'll reach the place where the Law Storm is completely out of control. There's an inner layer of the Law Storm that's impossible to be seen."

Layla's speed rapidly decreased. After reaching the 28000th mile, she had advanced another 200 miles before she came to a stop.

Not long after, Layla's figure appeared at the entrance of the Enchanted Barrier Tower with a huge smile on her face.

While she was proud, she was still approachable. The martial artists from the thirteen palaces looked at her with great admiration as if she were some superior being.

When Layla returned to the side of the square, she looked up at the Enchanted Barrier Tower and asked, "Where's Zen? Eh? He's still at the 18000 mark?"

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