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   Chapter 1378 Sixteen Thousand Miles

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The leader of the Shadow Palace sighed. "It seems that the warriors of the Mist Palace are performing very well this year."

The other palace leaders were also speechless. They didn't know where and how the Mist Palace had found such remarkable talents. It seemed that these three warriors could easily break the record—a distance of fourteen thousand miles!

Yolande was still calm.

Yolande thought that Zen had much greater potential than this. He could achieve far greater things.

At this moment, the old man in cotton clothes spoke, "Zen and Javier are warriors who ascended from the Lower World, right?"

Yolande nodded. "Yes."

The old man dressed in cotton clothes chuckled and said, "It looks like we got another miracle from the warriors of the Lower World..."

This so-called miracle of the warriors, who had ascended to the Upper World, was just a concept that circulated in the Upper World.

Over the years, there had been many warriors who had ascended from the Lower World, but most of them were just ordinary warriors with ordinary abilities.

This was also pretty normal. Generally, the cultivation methods, inheritances, and resources of a supreme world were much superior to those of the Lower World.

So all those who had ascended from the Lower World were always amazed at what they saw in the Upper World. However, some of them had managed to surprise everyone with their skills and strength after they ascended.

For instance, Supreme Lord Illusion's great talent surprised all of the members of the whole alliance before. After becoming a Supreme Lord, he became one of the most outstanding Supreme Lords ever.

"A miracle of the warriors from the Lower World... Can it really be called a miracle?" A palace leader shook his head.

"Are you saying that they might be able to break the record of Supreme Lord Illusion?" another palace leader asked.

The old record of eighteen thousand miles was difficult enough to beat and not even the most talented warriors of thirteen palaces could even dream to break it.

In the previous Passing the Torch, no warrior then had the ability to break this record.

The old man dressed in cotton clothes only chuckled and didn't say anything more.

In the Enchanted Barrier Tower, Layla didn't stay any longer. She was like a jubilant skylark, just freely flying through the Law Storm.

Now that she was sure that Zen was following her, she didn't need to wait any longer. She wanted to leave him as far behind as possible.

Layla's flying speed had now increased by double. No matter how crazy the Law Storm was, it was unable to hinder her agile figure.

Javier, meanwhile, was exhausted.

Javier had already cultivated in seclusion before he joined the Passing the Torch.

Zen was brought

e has so many clones so you're not the only one she's encountered."

Javier was silent upon hearing this and he didn't look so indignant anymore.

Zen continued, "I know you want to prove yourself to Yolande but you seem to have made a mistake."

"What mistake?" Javier said coldly.

"The Yolande you like isn't the same Yolande you are meeting now...

The clone is not the main body after all. After Yolande devours the clone, it will disappear from this world...

So you don't need to prove anything to the current Yolande."

Zen wasn't a relationship expert but since Javier had ascended to the Upper World like he did, he didn't mind saying stuff like this to him.

Suddenly, the atmosphere outside the Enchanted Barrier Tower became awkward.

Even Yolande, who normally kept a straight face, had a strange expression. The rest of the palace leaders were knowingly eyeing Yolande.

As for the old man in cotton clothes, he chuckled and said, "Now these young warriors are very strange and interesting. I can't believe they can manage to talk about things like that in the middle of this Law Storm!"

Javier was calm upon hearing what Zen had said. Zen shook his head as if he thought there was no use persuading Javier anymore. He just wanted to tell Javier what he thought. To Yolande, her clones were just trivial memories. She couldn't possibly reciprocate Javier's affection.

After Zen finished speaking, he didn't linger anymore and continued moving forward. It was up to Javier if he was going to accept it or not.

As they got distracted by Zen and Javier, everyone quickly turned their attention to Layla who had already traveled over sixteen thousand miles.

She was only two thousand miles away from Supreme Lord Illusion's record. However, as she reached this, it was increasingly becoming difficult to move forward.

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