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   Chapter 1377 Gap

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Except for Layla, the rest of the warriors from the first tier were injured in varying degrees.

All the warriors were equipped with many healing panaceas, but the problem was that the Law Storm was everywhere in the Enchanted Barrier Tower. There was no place for them to hide and heal their wounds.

Therefore, at this moment, everyone had to endure the pain and keep moving forward. It was a true test of their endurance.

After Javier covered the distance of ten thousand miles, the other warriors on the first tier also sprinted to cover the same distance!

Only two or three warriors had managed to travel ten thousand miles during the Passing the Torch in the past. Sometimes, only one warrior managed to do this. But this time, the number had increased significantly.

By the time Zen reached the ten-thousand-mile mark, he was already ranked thirteenth.

Other than occasionally dodging a powerful Law Power in the storm, he had been able to move forward at a constant speed!

But he wasn't faster than some of the other warriors who had used special methods to increase their speed. They used these methods as a boost in the last stretch of the test and sprinted as fast as they could.

But Zen was much calmer than the other warriors and he wasn't injured...

As of now, Layla and Zen were probably the only ones who were completely unharmed in the Enchanted Barrier Tower.

"There is something very strange here! This guy called Zen seems to have maintained the same speed from start to end!"

"Well, his speed is neither fast nor slow—he maintains a steady pace. In a Law Storm of this level, it's hard to believe that he is completely unharmed!"

Hearing this, Yolande's eyes flashed faintly. It was only now that these warriors were noticing Zen's amazing performance...

He had now become the center of attention.

Although he still hadn't made it into the top ten, his calm demeanor made him appear enigmatic.

Zen had maintained his ranking in the top thirteen for five minutes, while two super talents in front of him had been injured in succession and were eliminated from the Enchanted Barrier Tower.

With their elimination Zen moved up to the eleventh position!

The warrior ranked tenth wasn't too far from Zen. It seemed as if he had also been ravaged by the Law Storm, and was finding it extremely difficult to even take a single step further. It was easy for Zen to surpass this injured warrior and enter the top ten now.

Zen was closing in on his opponent, but just as he was about to sur


"She can travel twelve thousand miles with such ease. This woman... This woman might have the qualifications to challenge the record set by Supreme Lord Illusion!"

Not many warriors remained in the Enchanted Barrier Tower, and the few who were there garnered attention by the others. Layla, who was previously ranked first, naturally received the most attention.

She only wanted to talk to Zen when she had returned resolutely, which stunned the palace masters.

Other warriors found it difficult to take a single step forward, but Layla seemed to advance in such a fierce Law Storm pretty easily. Everyone marveled at her remarkable ability!

Meanwhile, Zen continued improving his ranking.

Ninth place, eighth place, seventh place...

With his steady progress, he quickly entered the top five and then the top four...

By the time they reached the 13, 000th mile, he was already in the top three.

This was because seven of the top ten warriors had already been eliminated!

The strangest thing was that the top three warriors were from the Mist Palace.

Layla was still in first place, Javier was second and Zen was third!

The palace leaders and vice leaders from the other twelve palaces looked very embarrassed at this point.

In the past, their warriors had excelled in this competition. However, this year, it seemed that every palace had some remarkable talents, and all of them had attained the ten-thousand-mile mark. All the warriors, who were still moving forward after traveling ten thousand miles, belonged to the Mist Palace. It was obvious that the gap between the warriors of the Mist Palace and those from other palaces was very large.

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