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   Chapter 1376 Tenth Tribulation Introducing Pill

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In the Enchanted Barrier Tower, the 3, 000th mile was a huge hurdle.

In the first tier, not a single warrior was eliminated. But in the second tier, 70% of the warriors were eliminated.

As for the third tier of warriors, they were even more desperate. 90% of them had been eliminated, and only 300 out of the 3, 000 warriors had passed this stage.

However, the warriors who had covered 3, 000 miles were already very proud of themselves. The alliance would invest more resources to train them. As for the reward of a secondary first-rank divine weapon, it was simply insignificant in their eyes.

After 3, 000 miles, the warriors in all the tiers had slowed down greatly.

Zen, however, maintained his own speed.

If people had been paying full attention to him, they would've known that his speed hadn't changed at all since the beginning.

Moreover, he still hadn't used life vitality to protect his body. He only relied on his own strength and body as he faced the vicious Law Storm.

Only Yolande had been watching Zen from beginning to end.

It didn't take long for someone else to take notice too.

As the old man in cotton clothes was looking at the warriors in the first tier, he looked back and discovered something wrong with the second tier.

"Huh?" The old man's eyes lit up. "This young man isn't using his life vitality to protect himself!"

When he looked over, his expression froze. "Isn't that the guy who was late? Wasn't he at the tail? When did he catch up with the second tier? And he even went over 3, 000 miles."

3, 000 miles wasn't much of an accomplishment to the old man.

Zen didn't exactly perform the best before, so the old man had completely forgotten about him. If it wasn't for the fact that Zen wasn't using his life vitality, the old man probably wouldn't have noticed him.

However, Zen, who had been lugging around in last place, was now suddenly catching up. It was as if he had been teleported. Naturally, the old man was surprised.

"Is this the same guy who was in the last place and refused to use life vitality to protect himself?" asked another palace leader.

"That's him! How interesting! I didn't expect him to catch up to the front of the second tier."

"It's a bit strange. He has covered 3, 000 miles, but still hasn't used his life vitality to protect himself. He's very confident in his own strength!"

"There are a lot of interesting people in the Mist Palace right now. Layla aside, even the one who's in the second place is from the Mist Palace."

The rest of the palace leaders turned their attention towards Zen.

"I would like to see if thi


"Oh my God! If I had known, I would have fought with all my might."

The Tenth Tribulation Introducing Pill was able to introduce the Heavenly Tribulation. It had the similar function of the Tribulation Flower that Zen had swallowed on the Divine Kingdom Continent.

The Tribulation Flower could increase the number of Heavenly Tribulations to nine.

There were many warriors in the Upper World that didn't need to swallow a Tribulation Flower. With their talent, they would eventually anger the heavens. Naturally, they would have to face countless calamities. Talents in the Upper World all had to face nine Heavenly Tribulations.

If a warrior entered the Soul Sea Realm with the cultivation of the eighth grade of the Life and Death Realm, then he or she would not be qualified to be called a talent.

The Tenth Tribulation Introducing Pill was very rare. Even though the Tenth Tribulation Introducing Pill and the Tribulation Exterminating Pill were both pills related to Heavenly Tribulation, the two couldn't be mentioned in the same breath.

The Tribulation Exterminating Pill was only a seventh grade pill, while the Tenth Tribulation Introducing Pill was a ninth grade pill.

The most important thing was that this pill could help a warrior trigger the tenth Heavenly Tribulation, which was also called the Perfection Tribulation. This was because after the tenth Heavenly Tribulation, a warrior's foundation would then go into a perfect state which, of course, was important to a warrior.

Layla pursed her lips and continued moving forward.

After she had passed 10, 000 miles, Javier was right after her. However, there were two deep holes with blood in his legs and his clothes were torn apart. He looked rather miserable.

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