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   Chapter 1375 Being Eliminated

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As everyone else receded their pace, Zen maintained a steady speed as he eventually caught up with the other warriors.

Without further delay, he surpassed a warrior. Soon, he passed by the second, the third, the fourth...

The warriors at the tail were likely to be defeated because their strength and speed seemed highly inadequate and they wouldn't be able to catch up in time. Some of them, facing the threat of a fierce Law Storm, even considered of giving up altogether.

After all, every warrior had a distinct goal, one that might be significantly different from another. Some warriors were aware that their own strength was limited, so they would be satisfied with just a Tribulation Exterminating Pill.

However, there were also some warriors who persevered despite all odds, even though their strength was barely enough. They realized that they wouldn't be able to cover 3, 000 miles, but they chose to challenge themselves to the last minute rather than surrender once and for all. The attitude of a warrior was of prime importance in his life.

An unusual space unexpectedly appeared inside the Law Storm. A warrior had accidentally entered and was in fact bound by that space. He surely wished to escape, but perhaps it was too late. At that precise moment, a sharp black wind blade suddenly appeared in front of him, swiftly chopping off his arm.

Another warrior inadvertently triggered the fluctuation of some law and was surrounded by many red flames. Simultaneously, sharp golden lights enveloped him and several holes appeared in his body.

After 1, 000 miles, situations like these were not novel. More and more warriors got injured and they could only give up midway.

The speed of the warriors in the third and second tiers receded drastically. Every warrior appeared to be very cautious on his way forward.

However, the speed of the warriors in the first tier still couldn't be underestimated.

They were considered to be the elites of the thirteen palaces. They were also the selected elites from among the elites of the three thousand supreme worlds.

Moreover, most of them were warriors who had activated the Nine-petal Lotus Flower.

Whether it was their hard work and determination or their gifted talent and ultimate perseverance, they simply couldn't be matched by ordinary warriors.

Therefore, the warriors in the first tier had gotten miles away from those of the second tier.

When the warriors in the second tier barely touched 1, 700 miles, Layla, who was the confident leader in the first tier, had victoriously covered 2, 000 miles.

The warriors in third tier had just reached 1, 500 miles. They indeed had a sad existence.

Zen found himself at the middle of the third tier.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Ice spears suddenly appeared within the Law Storm, enveloping an area not too far away from where Zen was standing.

There was a warrior just ahead of Zen. His face seemed to showcase a faint trace of fear. Just as he was about to flee, he discovered that his speed

er first position and was the center of attention. Besides, her background was rather special as well. Although she was participating in Passing the Torch representing the Mist Palace, the palace leaders didn't treat her as a warrior of the Mist Palace.

Therefore, many of the palace leaders were rather generous in their praise for Layla.

"This girl must be the center of attention in the world of chaos!"

"That's what I think too. Kyron Xiao has the insight to recognize sheer talent at a single glimpse."

They talked about Layla extensively as the warriors kept struggling to move forward.

Layla appeared to be unusually calm; she neither seemed tensed nor excited. After passing 3, 000 miles, she used her time for a quick rest. Speed was no longer the key factor from the 3, 000th mile to the 10, 000th mile, so she was in no hurry. She bit her lips and shot a quick glance behind her. 'Why is Zen still not here?' she wondered.

The second one was not the warrior whose surname was Li from the Shadow Palace, but Javier.

Javier was one of Yolande's admirers. He was panting. Relying on his greater willpower, he surpassed the warrior with the surname Li and became the second one to cover 3, 000 miles right behind Leyla.

He looked at the boundless Law Storm and cried out in his mind, 'Yolande, can't you see? I will definitely grow up to be good enough for you!'

The third place...

The fourth place...

All of the warriors in the first tier slowed down after reaching the 3, 000-mile mark.

There was still a long way to go. The 10, 000th mile was a huge hurdle, and not many had successfully covered it.

After a surprising turn of events, Zen finally left the third tier and entered the second tier. When he entered the second tier, the second tier had passed 3, 000 miles. The second tier originally was composed of over 1, 000 people. Now, there were only about 300 people as 70% of them had been eliminated. The competition had gotten fierce and the prize seemed near, yet so far.

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