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   Chapter 1373 At The End Of The Line

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Under the instruction of the old man in the cotton clothes, the crowd of warriors rapidly moved towards the Enchanted Barrier Tower.

Although it was called the Enchanted Barrier Tower, it didn't look like a tower. It was in fact a massive space that had Law Storm tightly locked within it.

As the Law Storm continued to rage, it was as if this space was limitless; but, in reality, there was a boundary. In the deepest part of the Enchanted Barrier Tower, there was a mighty power lingering there, left by the fight among several Supreme Lords. Anyone who got sucked into the power would suffer the inevitable consequence, and their bodies would be smashed to smithereens.

Of course, that would only happen when one reached one hundred thousand miles into the tower's depths. It was impossible for the younger generation of the thirteen palaces to reach such a depth. Hence, they were quite safe still.

Thousands of martial artists entered the Enchanted Barrier Tower…

As soon as they entered the Enchanted Barrier Tower, everyone felt a strong Law Power rushing towards them!

"This Law Power contains many different laws!"

Zen raised his head cautiously and looked ahead. The laws in front of him formed a violent storm that covered nearly every corner of the Enchanted Barrier Tower.

Even though they had just entered the tower, everyone already felt a formidable pressure building around them. Many of the martial artists immediately revolved their body-protecting life vitality to protect themselves…

Only a few of the gathered talents did not use body-protecting life vitality, such as Javier, Layla of the Mist Palace, and the other top talents of the other twelve palaces.

As for Zen… He did not use the body-protecting life vitality to protect his body either, not because he did not want to, but the problem was that he did not have life vitality anymore. Although the characteristics of the chaotic energy and life vitality were very similar--and to a certain extent, the chaotic energy could be regarded as an enhanced version of life vitality--the chaotic energy was not distributed evenly like the life vitality when it surged out.

Or perhaps Zen just hadn't grasped the method to make it emerge more evenly yet. However, this was not the appropriate place to experiment now.

The martial artists of the thirteen palaces had been gathered here from many supreme worlds. They would become core members if they chose to stay in any tenth grade sacred places. And right now, each of them wanted to outperform the others. Competition was stiff!

Seeing that Javier, Layla, and some others had easily adapted themselves to the Law Storm without activating their body-protecting life vitality, the other warriors were soon convinced that they were really extraordinary talents.

However, when they saw that Zen, who was a warrior only at the fifth level of the Life and Death Realm, hadn't used his body-protecting life vitality either, they had disdainful looks in their eyes.

"Just keep bluffing. If he can't hold on for more than one hundred miles, that would be truly shameful!"

"Ha-ha, there are always people who make a fool out of themselves..."

This year, the test in the Enchanted Barrier Tower was not a competition of speed. They needed to use their skills and strength to walk through the Law Storm as far as they could. After they entered, some moved fast, some were slow, but they all started to explore deeper into the tower.

In the beginning, the crowd was gathered

this moment, the old man in the cotton clothes pointed at someone and laughed. "This kid is actually the last one!"

Everyone's eyes swept across the tower and discovered that Zen was now at the end of the line!

Thousands of martial artists had formed a long line as they moved forwards through the Law Storm in the tower. Only Zen was left behind, and he was at the ending of the line. This naturally attracted a lot of attention and speculation.

The leaders of the palaces also smiled condescendingly. Zen was the last one that had arrived. Currently, he also stood last in the test of the Enchanted Barrier Tower. It was indeed strange.

Several of the leaders even glanced at Yolande, their gazes faintly mocking, and she could almost see them shaking their heads imperceptibly.

"This boy has actually not used the body-protecting life vitality?"

"Interesting. I don't know why, and he's moving so slowly!"

Yolande still looked very calm. She believed in Zen's strength, but she was becoming a bit curious. What was Zen thinking?!

Zen still kept everything under his control, maintaining a steady speed as he advanced. The fragments of laws in the air were in complete disarray, making it impossible for him to comprehend them. Of course, he wouldn't have comprehended the Original Laws here. This place defied all notions of what should be and what shouldn't be.

And at this time…

The dozens of martial artists that were walking at the front of the line had already traveled eight hundred miles. They began to rush forward to cross the one thousand miles line! Everyone wanted to be the first.

Although the first one to reach the one thousand miles would not receive any extra rewards according to the rules, the old man in the cotton clothes would announce the names of the top ten warriors who had passed the one thousand miles mark. It would also bring honor to the palaces that they belonged to. Warriors were all lured by esteem and prestige.

Of course, Layla strived hard, though not for the honor of the Mist Palace. She was a very proud warrior. How could she be willing to fall behind? She would not let herself fail and prepared for the final sprint.

At an extremely fast speed, she charged forward through the Law Storm. Right now, she was still ranked third, but her only goal was to become the first…

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