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   Chapter 1372 The Enchanted Barrier Tower

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Layla had finally succeeded in arousing Zen's curiosity, and her face now revealed a complacent smile.

She then raised one corner of her mouth in a meaningful way and smiled, "You said that you don't want to say anything and just want to focus on studying the stone carving, right?"

In response, Zen merely glared at her with a cold gaze. He seemed to dislike being kept in suspense.

Layla seemed to sense that and stopped beating around the bush. "The most important part in the Passing the Torch is to advance through the Law Storm. The storm is formed of every single law power in the entire universe and can be a bit, feisty..."

"Every single type of law is contained in the storm?" Zen confirmed.

Layla nodded. "Yes. But don't worry. Those laws are extremely fragmented, left behind by numerous Supreme Lords as they fought in the past. The Law Storm is imprisoned within the Enchanted Barrier Tower!"

The Enchanted Barrier Tower had also been left behind by a Supreme Lord. In appearance, it was much like a tower, but was in fact, an enchanted barrier. It had been created many years ago and things were much different now.

Several Supreme Lords had fought in the Orange Sea World, which ended up disintegrating this supreme world. As a result, the laws left behind by them had become disordered and uncontrolled, making the Orange Sea World a dangerous and chaotic place. Any warrior visiting it would be dead within seconds if he or she wasn't careful enough and got trapped in the chaotic law current.

Later, a human Supreme Lord had taken a planned risk and gathered all of the law currents together, trapping and enveloping them within the Enchanted Barrier Tower. The broken Orange Sea World gradually became peaceful after that.

The chaotic law currents within the Enchanted Barrier Tower had also weakened over time, losing much of their energy. Later on, they interacted and formed a storm. But time had passed so much since then that even the storm's might had weakened by a great deal. In the last several hundred years, it had weakened enough to be used as a method of testing the warriors of thirteen palaces.

After hearing Layla's instructions, Zen understood what was going on. No wonder the warriors of thirteen palaces were required to comprehend those stone carvings; they had six types of laws on each of their six sides. The Law Storm was actually a combination of many different Original Laws, which meant that in order to resist it, they needed to comprehend a sufficient amount of Law Power.

"So we are going to make an effort at the last moment, huh? It would be useless you know. Even if we spend twenty days cultivating here, it won't be enough. Forget about forty hours! If you want to make greater achievement in the Law Storm, you will have to rely on your accumulation of knowledge and cultivation base in the past!" Layla told him arrogantly.

Zen glanced at her indifferently, realizing that she was both proud and confident in herself.

"Even so, I have to do what I have to do," Zen responded.

"Look! I told you. It's just useless! Like I said, I don't need to comprehend this stone carving. I can surely obtain first place and break the record here without doing that! Let's just chat!" Layla smiled.

Zen rolled his eyes in response. "Layla! I'm not as confident as you are." After he finished spea

nd miles will get you only one Tribulation Exterminating Pill..."

"Mmm. This reward for Passing the Torch seems to be too small!

"Are there any other prizes? Please tell us..."

These warriors were participating in Passing the Torch just for its rewards. Naturally, they would pay attention to them and want bigger ones to be present.

The old man continued, "Those who can travel three thousand miles will be rewarded with a secondary first-rank divine weapon!"

Zen had been slightly interested in the Tribulation Exterminating Pill. He felt a bit of a lack of interest when it came to the secondary first-rank divine weapon.

As for the warriors from thirteen palaces, they were also somewhat dissatisfied.

"I heard that the warriors who traveled three thousand miles in the last Passing the Torch were rewarded with first-rank divine weapons, but this year the reward is just a secondary first-rank divine weapon... So cheap!"

"Indeed, the rewards seem to have decreased in grade this time. What happened I wonder?"

The old man dressed in cotton clothes didn't care about everyone's dissatisfaction and continued with his announcement, "As for the reward of traveling ten thousand miles, I will announce it when someone of you is able to make it!"

Obviously, the old man wanted to keep everyone guessing and increase suspense.

The crowd was naturally unhappy...

It was extremely difficult to advance through the Law Storm. Very few warriors would be able to move forward even for a thousand miles.

As for reaching the three thousand miles mark, most likely, only about a dozen warriors would be able to do so.

Ten thousand miles was a dream that was unimaginable. The warriors of thirteen palaces wondered whether there was even a single warrior who could travel ten thousand miles. To be honest, there was no point in announcing the rewards of this case. No one would make it!

Although everyone was dissatisfied, no one chose to give up. They were clear that the benefits attained by Passing the Torch were not limited to just this. If they were able to achieve a good result, then they would be highly valued in the palaces. And they could also get a lot of resources several times more than they had now.

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