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   Chapter 1370 The Purification Pool

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The mood of the two warriors was extremely complicated.

They discovered that the sharp sword intent contained within the words had completely disappeared.

The source of this problem must be Zen. They could not think of anyone else.

But they did not dare stop Zen and force him to reveal the truth. Moreover, he probably did not know what the truth was. It was possible that he was unaware of what he'd done.

Therefore, they could only watch Zen's retreating figure and continue to stare at the words on the giant rock in a daze.

After losing the sharp sword intent, these large characters lost their charm although they still looked the same as before. Even the brush edges of the characters were no longer sharp and forceful.

If someone had said that this poem was carved by a Supreme Lord, the onlookers would have nodded in agreement. After all, only a Supreme Lord could carve such sharp characters.

But now, if others were to see it, they would think that it was carved by an ordinary craftsman. There was nothing special or extraordinary about it. It almost looked disappointing, if they were being completely honest.

"That brat took away the charm in those characters. What exactly is going on?" Landry asked with a sullen face.

Damian shook his head, his expression dispirited.

Right at this moment, a crack suddenly appeared on one of the characters. The two men were shocked.

This huge rock had never been damaged by anyone before. But a crack appeared just now. Wasn't this extremely abnormal?

The two of them looked at each other with excitement written all over their faces.

They were the only two among the countless warriors that had stayed here to the end. Perhaps what was happening in front of them was the turning point in their fates.

Meanwhile, Zen did not know that the characters cracked after he left.

When he arrived at his destination, he saw magnificent ancient buildings that stood there for countless years.

Yolande and a couple dozen other people were waiting in this place.

"Yolande, there is still one more person from the Mist Palace who has yet to come. It has already been several hours. If he still hasn't arrived, then I'll have to seal the Purification Pool!" said an old man dressed in cotton clothes. He had an impatient expression on his face.

To any warrior of the thirteen palaces, Passing the Torch was a great fortune. But there was actually someone who was yet to arrive, and it was unknown just what he was waiting for. The old man grew frustrated and angry.

Yolande shrugged and said, "Just wait."

A tall and slim woman dressed in jade-green sneered. "Tsk! Tsk! Yolande, I'm so envious of you. If it were someone from other palaces, I'm afraid the Purification Pool would have already been sealed!"

This time, all the leaders of the thirteen palaces had rushed over from thirteen different supreme worlds to participate in Pass

nk, but he remained on the surface of the pool.

Seeing Zen having trouble with it, Yolande said, "You can sink down. The Purification Pool will help clear up your soul for a short period of time and increase your perception by several folds!"

What Zen didn't know was that the warriors from the thirteen palaces had had a round of competition in the Purification Pool.

The Purification Pool's water buoyancy was extremely great. It was only twenty feet wide and twenty feet deep, yet it was already this resistant. If its area was expanded by several times, even a mountain range would still be unable to sink down.

Many warriors were proud about being able to sink to the bottom so as to show their strength.

But this was not such an easy feat. Most of the warriors in the thirteen palaces couldn't sink to the bottom of the Purification Pool, and most of them only stayed in the middle section.

Of course, the thirteen palaces didn't lack powerful warriors. Just like Layla, Javier, and the other warriors, they had seamlessly sunk to the bottom. There were more than ten warriors in the thirteen palaces that were able to overcome the challenge.

In truth, it didn't matter whether or not one was able to sink to the bottom. This was only a way for warriors of the thirteen palaces to compete with each other.

"Young man, you can try and see how deep you can go," a palace leader said to Zen with a smile.

Zen looked at Yolande. "Is it really that important to sink to the bottom?" he mouthed.

Seeing that Yolande shook her head slightly, Zen did not bother to pay attention to the palace leader who had just spoken to him. With a flip of his body, he entered the Purification Pool without sinking to the bottom.

The palace leaders, including the old man who just offered him a smile, started to frown in disappointment. What a huge let down this was! They had waited for a very long time only for the sake of this guy.

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