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A drop of sweat ran down Zen's forehead. After a long and arduous process, his consummate sword intent was almost perfect now.

There seemed to be ample streams of consummate sword intent cyclones, which Zen had often seen before. This consummate sword intent had almost reached perfection, and looked like it was impossible to advance it any further.

But just in a split second, Zen was shocked to discover that his consummate sword intent suddenly became extremely unstable!

In the past, Zen could easily release the sword intent with just a thought, as if it only came from his arm. However, Zen now felt that it was quite hard to control—even if the faint sword intent that lingered around his long sword had gotten increasingly powerful.

Therefore, the whirlwind formed by the sword intent wasn't enough anymore. It suddenly became fidgety like a snake and constantly jumped around Zen's sword.

To put it simply—instead of becoming stronger, the sword intent only became worse!

Zen's lips curled down into a frown. "Why did the sword intent suddenly become like this?" he complained.

While honing the sword intent with the help of the white sword shadows did greatly enhance the sword spirit, Zen now found it difficult to control the sword intent.

There was a slight trace of hesitation on Zen's face. Should he continue this?

While his eyes roamed around the scattered white shadows, he felt his determination rise up again.

Zen was the type of person that once he set out to do something, he would do his best. Giving up halfway simply wasn't in him. Thus, he decided to see how his sword intent would develop at this rate.

At this stage, Zen's sword intent was impossibly strong—but he managed to suppress it by force.

In addition, the speed at which the white shadows were being chopped down had increased much greater as the sword intent became even sharper.

It was a good progress, and it was now possible for Zen to shatter the white sword shadows in about four sword strikes instead of the usual seven.

It didn't come a surprise for Zen to hit hundreds of white sword shadows with his sword when he faced a torrent of them. And true to his prediction, he had done the job in just four consecutive strikes!

The grey, rocky surface of the stone seemed to mirror Zen's mood. His feet ached slightly as he had been standing in front of it for four hours.

As he tried his best to kill the white sword shadows, Yolande's voice reverberated throughout the area.

"Zen, are you still contemplating the words on the huge stone? The Passing the Torch is about to begin..." she said in a faint voice. Her question was met with a slight pause.

"Can you wait a bit longer?" Zen finally responded.

"Sure I can, but we'll have to hold the first round of the test after the Passing the Torch begins. You should come over as soon as possible..."

The disciples of thirteen palaces were still required to undergo a test together. If Zen would be late for the test, he might b

irit was just an illusion at the beginning. Although Lavender looked exactly like an ordinary person, she actually looked a bit different from an actual human on a closer look. She was like a reflection in water while floating in the air. The strong light could even penetrate her body!

However, at present, if Lavender didn't tell anyone that she was a sword spirit, nobody could know the truth! She looked just like a real body.

From her flowing black hair to her snow-white skin, her whole body looked so vivid and life-like. She was no different from an ordinary person, and her body looked convincingly solid.

She slightly raised her wrist and lightly touched her arm. "It seems that the sword spirit body becomes real! And when I control this sword spirit body, my strength will increase by a lot as well," she said with a faint smile.

Back when she didn't have a vessel, she had still liked to rely on Zen's body. It could be said that she wasn't that motivated to find a body for herself.

Now that this had happened, Lavender thought that she had also made a good choice in life when she accompanied Zen.

Meanwhile, Zen glanced at Lavender. He felt his heart race at the sight of her glossy hair and fair face. However, he soon turned back his attention towards the enormous stone.

It looked like there was no way to reveal the secret left behind by Supreme Lord Sword.

It had taken him several hours to strengthen his sword spirit to such an extent. This was already considered a good harvest. As for figuring out the secret of Supreme Lord Sword, that was something that could just depend on one's luck. Zen would not persist.

In addition, the Passing the Torch had already begun, so Zen wasted no time and flew towards one side of the huge stone.

Not long after Zen left, the two Spirit Supreme Realm warriors, Landry and Damian, were still blankly focused on the huge words on the stone. Suddenly, a slight rupturing sound came from one of the words, and a crack appeared!

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