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   Chapter 1368 My Heart Is Going To Explode

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Zen did not expect himself to solve the mystery left behind by Supreme Lord Sword. That was giving way too much credit to his abilities.

These white sword shadows had indeed proven useful in improving the strength of his sword spirit.

However, they also gave Zen extreme pain. Every time a white sword shadow passed through his body, his heart would suffer this intense, piercing pain.

After being subject to the attack of thousands of white sword shadows, he was surprised that his heart was still intact since he felt as if it was going to explode.

Still, he had been through worse. The piercing sensation in his heart was nothing compared to the excruciating pain he had experienced when he replaced his life energy with chaotic energy. There was no way he was going to back down just because of a little pain.

Zen returned to the site of the huge rock but was surprised to see the two Spirit Supreme Realm warriors staring at him as he approached.

These two originally sported benign faces but now looked as if they were about to murder him.

"You, you… What did you do?" Landry asked with a trembling voice.

"How did you do it? What have you done…. How did you make the feeling disappear?" Damian asked as well.

Their eyes glazed over, making the two of them look like mad beasts who had been shaken out of their peaceful abodes.

The two of them had spent tens of thousands of years meditating on this spot, dreaming that one day they would form some sort of magical connection with the words etched on the giant stone.

The giant stone had been there long before the two of them. It had been subject to the weathering of the elements but still emitted a fierce aura that remained unchanged despite the passage of time.

However, Zen suddenly arrived and enacted such a strange change to this place. How could they remain calm?

These two had spent their lives meditating, therefore, their physical strength was far inferior to other average Spirit Supreme Realm warriors. Their minds had also lost all hunger for blood and had been conditioned for peace. However, this change made their emotions bubble up to the surface!

Supreme Lord Sword was one that could battle with True Gods after all! The swordsmanship he left behind was powerful enough to defeat a deity, so long as one was able to comprehend it. The two Spirit Supreme Realm warriors had spent all this time and this effort trying to unlock the mysteries of this technique. Whatever they sought to gain, they understood that they would have to pay for. However, the sudden arrival of this newcomer had thrown everything off balance.

"I didn't do anything!" Zen quickly claimed.

"Impossible! You better tell us the truth!"

"Do you think we were born yesterday? Who are you fooling?"

The two of them had initially chosen to watch calmly on the side. They didn't really think Zen would be able to comprehend an

ious form.

They were certain that Zen had uncovered a few mysteries but neither of them could find out what.

They were so desperate for answers, almost on the brink of losing their minds but they knew it wouldn't end well for them if they hurt a martial artist of the thirteen palaces.

It hadn't been easy ever since the Willow Island became the thirteen palaces' territory to hold the Passing the Torch. The two of them had paid a large amount to bribe those in charge to let them stay in this spot.

Laying a single hand on Zen's head would mean courting death, as all the powerful warriors of the thirteen palaces had now gathered in the Willow Island.

Instead of harming him, perhaps they could work with him? When Zen comprehended the mysteries of Supreme Lord Sword, maybe they could get a share of the mysteries as well?

They were going nuts with all the thoughts that were going through their heads but they had to fight off the impulse of kidnapping Zen and forcing him to spill his secrets…

A moment later, however, Zen finally came to.

After that last round, his sword spirit had now become even more powerful! It was not impossible to block these white sword shadows and this fact fired Zen up for the next fight.

"I'll practice it again!"

he roared, readily approaching the torrential wave of the white sword shadows. He slashed out seven times with his sword, the sword shadows were activated and came at him like a torrent once again, and he was once again submerged by them…

He was able to hold on for a few seconds longer this time before fainting once again after his heart reached its breaking point.

It was a cycle of fighting, being submerged by the white sword shadows, fainting from the pain, and waking up once again.

Lavender, his sword spirit, on the other hand, was continuously growing stronger at a visible rate. Zen could also feel that his sword intent had changed once again.

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