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   Chapter 1367 Hone His Sword Intent

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Countless warriors had spent years in this place but none had ever been successful in comprehending the mysteries behind it.

Zen did not expect himself to comprehend anything at all in the short amount of time he was there.

In all honesty, he didn't stay to comprehend anything, but he was just curious about the white sword shadows that had been left behind by Supreme Lord Sword.

When he carved this poem, Supreme Lord Sword also inserted his insight of swordsmanship into the words.

These words, inscribed with his insight, had constantly released white sword shadows for over a million years now...

But not everyone could see these sword shadows. Fortunately, Zen was able to see them with his concentration.

He was able to resist these sword shadows using his own sword intent. He was still curious, however, and decided to try blocking them with his sword. To his surprise, the sword shadows quickly avoided his blade but still continued to dash towards him.

It seemed that these white sword shadows couldn't be blocked.

But Zen wasn't going to give up that easily.


He did not release his sword intent since doing so would cause the sword intent to be devoured by these white sword shadows.

There was no doubt that he would suffer serious injuries if he wasn't careful. He had to take this seriously!

He tried it once again. Using his five-foot long sword, Zen lightly blocked the white sword shadow. It quickly bounced off his blade but suddenly began spinning in the air and headed towards Zen once again.

This was all according to plan. Once it got close, Zen swung the Thunder Wind Divine Sword and flicked the white sword shadow away once again...

and again, and again, and again.

He did this for a couple more times, his sword brandishing blue sword flowers and deflecting the white sword shadow time and time again.

A mere three seconds had passed and Zen had already deflected the sword shadow for a total of seven times.

After seven hits, the white sword shadow stopped its attack and suddenly shattered!

Zen's eyes widened in wonder, "It broke?"

The white sword shadow shattered into hundreds of faint, light sparks that all floated in the air and shot towards Zen's body.

"Is it the sword spirit?" he asked curiously.

"Sword spirit?" Lavender, who was still inside his body, asked. "Why can't I see it?"

Zen shrugged, "I don't know…"

Not even Lavender seemed to be able to see the white sword shadows and the white light dots. It seemed Zen was the only one.

And the white light dots that headed towards him didn't seem to be the sword spirit at all…

Zen couldn't help but feel as if there was something terribly wrong.

The poem etched onto the stone con

o longer any need for her to be attached to the sword spirit. It only served as a hiding place for her now since she had gotten used to using it as her shell.

Looking at it now though, she couldn't help but wonder how Zen was able to strengthen it. Did something happen during the time he spent blindly swinging his sword in the air?

Thankfully, the young man quickly came to. The piercing pain he had felt was only illusory and did not really have the capacity to cause any physical harm to his body.

"Lavender?" he called out, seeing her beside him.

"You seem to have honed your sword intent just now," she told him.

But Zen scratched his head. "I'm not really sure," he said. The image of the white sword shadows crossed his mind but he felt a bit scared just thinking about it.

"I've become stronger!" Lavender smiled at Zen.

The wording wasn't really correct. Lavender's soul was at a level that the sword spirit couldn't hope to match. It was Zen's sword spirit that became stronger and not really Lavender, but she still said it for the heck of it.

"Ah..." Zen murmured, and the weird foreboding feeling still hadn't left him.

The aura released by the sword spirit seemed sharper and more forceful. It did not come from Lavender's soul at all, but from the sword spirit itself.

Still, he smiled back at Lavender. "Indeed. It seems I can hone my sword intent by using the white sword shadows!"

Though his sword intent had reached the consummate level, it was not yet at its limit. Back when he entered the Killing Sword Mountain, Zen had only inserted his sword into the mountainside.

It was good that he was able to strengthen his sword spirit but the white sword shadows still made him feel queasy inside.

Did the path towards becoming stronger entail so much suffering? It seemed so.

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