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   Chapter 1366 Get Hurt

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Zen had learned from Yolande that most warriors had spent tens of thousands of years on this island, observing and gaining insights.

But after learning that Damian had studied it for twenty thousand years, Zen could not help but marvel at that!

The scenery of this Willow Island was pretty good. No matter what, staying there for twenty thousand years meant that one would have to face the expansive and bare rock all those years. One could almost imagine just how boring it was!

Zen turned to look at Landry and asked, "What about you?"

Landry chuckled and proudly stretched out his fingers. "Sixty thousand years..."

Sixty thousand years!

Zen took a deep breath.

Zen was merely in his twenties. But Landry had stayed there for sixty thousand years only to observe and to try to unravel the mysteries left behind by Supreme Lord Sword.

Landry, who seemed to be accustomed to the shocked expressions of others, softly chuckled. "Sixty thousand years is nothing. Previously, there was an old fellow who stayed here for one hundred and thirty thousand years. But after breaking into the Five Aging Processes, he returned. Perhaps he has died already..."

The two of them had no ill intentions at all and were even quite friendly to Zen. It was only after their conversation that they understood that Zen had come to participate in the Passing the Torch.

"Since you can participate in the Passing the Torch, you must be a warrior, who is highly valued by the thirteen palaces. There would still be a long way to go in your life, so I suggest that you should not contemplate at the stone. That particular stone has a kind of enchanting magic, and once you are obsessed with it, you will be unable to extricate yourself from it without difficulty. I'm afraid that you will also waste your time on it like us by then," Landry warned.

"Since you know that it is just a waste of time, why haven't you left?" Zen couldn't stop himself probing out of his curiosity.

A bitter smile crept on Damian's face when he heard Zen's words. "Ha-ha. We have spent all these years here, but now you want us to leave? Doesn't it mean that all my previous efforts will be wasted?"

"If truth be told, we also know that we can't obtain anything here, but so what if we refuse to leave? We can no longer engage in accomplishing some things and make great achievements in other respects too. So, we might as well hold on, and die here," Landry disclosed as he smiled helplessly.

Zen hadn't been able to fathom it before. Since those warriors couldn't succeed in obtaining Supreme Lord Sword's inheritance, they could give up on it, but sadly, they didn't choose to give up. Now, he could deeply perceive how their mindsets worked.

On the path of martial arts, 'perseverance' was fundamentally the most important thing. A warrior, who could persist and endure, had firm determination and was highly resolute

ly injured himself, but what's the use of playing this trick in front of us?"

The two of them quietly talked through the life vitality. They had encountered all kinds of things there before. They could be considered as the experienced elites. But after making a random deduction, they believed that Zen only pretended to do that in front of them and that he had purposefully spat out blood.

They nonetheless failed to understand that there was no need for Zen to act like that in front of them. They had spent their entire lives there and it was of no value. Even though Zen's cultivation level was not high, he still had the qualifications to participate in the Passing the Torch, which meant that he was one of the remarkable warriors of thirteen palaces and that he would surely have a promising future. Thus he didn't need to deceive Landry and Damian.

Zen was naturally not clear about the thoughts of these two warriors, but his face revealed an unconvinced expression.

He had just released a strand of sword intent, but it was swallowed again by the white sword shadow. Moreover, when the sword intent bounced back, it actually injured him, which meant that he was hurt by his own sword intent!



This time, Zen did not send out the sword intent. Instead, he wrapped the sword intent around Thunder Wind Divine Sword. And he patiently waited for the white sword shadow to approach. Then, he hit it with his sword!

That white sword shadow was still an illusion, so when the two swords clashed, there was no sound at all. But this time, Zen's sword directly deflected the white sword shadow, but the white sword shadow circled and shot into Zen's body again!

'I can't block it, and it seems to be useless for me to do that, ' Zen thought, frowning. It seemed that even if he saw the white sword shadow, he wouldn't be able to do anything with it!

Surprisingly, this time, Zen was not injured.

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