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   Chapter 1365 Comprehension

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Zen and Layla looked in the direction which Yolande was pointing in, and saw some dense words inscribed on the rock.

Some of these words were huge and some were small. The huge ones were as tall as a person, while the small ones were only the size of a palm. They were written in a myriad of styles.

"I gave up my great future and spent all my life here, yet ended up gaining nothing. I must tell everyone in the universe that this is only a scam concocted by Supreme Lord Sword!"

"Liar! Supreme Lord Sword is a great liar! I wasted ten thousand years of my time here and only encountered the Five Aging Processes. If I am able to reincarnate and am fortunate enough to come here again, I will definitely shatter this stone."

"Alas! Newcomers, stop dreaming. Just focus on cultivating your own methods. If you want to comprehend Supreme Lord Sword's sword intent in these words, be warned that this is just nonsense! Life is so short. Don't waste your time here."

Between these dense lines of writing, there were traces of pessimism and advice scattered for the later generations, by the prior generations, to give up on the futile observation.

Seeing the words, Zen sighed and shook his head. He could understand these people's feelings. They had spent all their lives here, but in the end, they had gained nothing. If he was one of them, he himself would find it hard to accept this fate.

"Why is there no one here now?" Zen asked curiously.

From the pits on the ground, Zen could imagine that there should have been many warriors who had come here to observe the rock, but now, he didn't see any signs of them. Their bodies had over years shaped pits in the ground where they had sat in watchful meditation as they had all focused on the rock.

"Since the Orange Sea World became the place for the alliance to hold Passing the Torch, ordinary warriors aren't able to enter it. Moreover, no one in living memory has been able to comprehend the mysteries within it, not for millions of years. Many warriors have also begun to doubt the legend. However, there are occasionally warriors who would come to meditate," Yolande said as she looked around before shaking her head. "But I don't see them today."

Layla stared at Zen and asked, "Zen, are you sure you saw that white sword shadow?"

Although Yolande and Layla didn't think that Zen was lying, they still didn't dare believe that he could see that white sword shadow.

After all, in the past millions of years, countless warriors had come to observe the rock and not a single one had managed to discover the secret. It was inconceivable that Zen would see the white sword shadow right after he had just arrived here.

The vice leaders and talents of the Mist Palace waited at the side of the huge rock, avoiding the intimidating aura of the words with downcast eyes.

"What are they doing?"

"It seems like that guy said he saw through the mysteries of the rock!"

"That is simply impossible! Su

him in a jeering tone, "Ha-ha! We have a new friend here. These last few years, few young warriors were still interested in Supreme Lord Sword's mystery."

Zen's peaceful state of mind was shattered by the harsh voice. The white sword shadow immediately disappeared. He frowned in disgruntlement.

He hated being disturbed at this moment of intense concentration.

Warriors all hated being disturbed when they were cultivating. That was why they preferred to cultivate in seclusion. Interruptions were considered extremely rude, and the interrupted warrior had every right to become vexed and seek retribution.

After all, even a light cough might cause a warrior immersed in cultivation to spiral into madness.

His face became dark and sullen, and Zen raised his head to see who it was. It was a middle-aged man in dark shabby clothes. He was slightly fat and filthy. Probably, no one knew how many years it had been since he had taken a bath, or how many years he had neglected grooming the matted beard on his face. He was rather shabby looking.

The man was very excited at the sight of Zen and called out to his friend, "Landry! We have another friend. Come over here!"


Another man flew over at a fast speed. He was thinner than the first one, but he looked equally dirty.

'Their cultivation levels are surprisingly not low at all, ' Zen thought. He guessed that they were both at the Spirit Supreme Realm.

The warrior named Landry Chen sized Zen up with a smile, his dark eyes glittering excitedly, and he asked, "Young man, do you want to comprehend the mystery hidden within the huge rock?"

Zen nodded slowly. That was the reason why he had stayed here. Seeing the two warriors' bedraggled status, he asked, "How many years have you been here?"

Landry Chen and the fat man looked at each other and smiled slightly insanely. Landry Chen pointed at the fat man and said, "This is Damian Xu. He has been here for more than twenty thousand years."

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