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   Chapter 1364 Supreme Lord Sword's Legend

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Zen's eyes lit up at Layla's words. "No flaws?" he asked.

Although Zen had comprehended the consummate sword intent and even created the No Move, he did not dare guarantee that his sword intent would have no flaws whatsoever.

However, the No Move did not have a fixed style. If one wanted to break it, one would have to move heaven and earth to do so.

That did not mean that no one could break it, but so far, Zen had not encountered anyone who could.

"Of course. How could the sword intent of the master of Killing Sword Mountain have any flaws?" Layla asked with pride.

"The master of Killing Sword Mountain?" A curious light gleamed in Zen's eyes.

Layla pursed her lips. 'Zen really has come from the Lower World, hasn't he? He doesn't seem to know anything at all, ' she thought.

Suddenly, a cold voice resounded in Zen's mind. It was Lavender. "She was referring to Supreme Lord Sword. Among so many Supreme Lords in the universe, he is an extremely powerful one. His sword is lodged at the top of the Killing Sword Mountain, which is the highest position. If you have any questions, ask me. Don't ask this woman again!"

Needless to say, Lavender found Layla intolerable.

However, Lavender did not know much about the affairs of the human race, such as the broken Orange Sea World. Neither did she know enough about Passing the Torch. After all, these were internal matters of the alliance.

But how could she not know about Supreme Lord Sword and the Killing Sword Mountain?

Zen nodded in understanding, but his eyes were still fixed on the poem on the huge rock.

Each word of the poem was about several hundred feet in height and width. As he got closer to the words, he could feel the sharp sword intent radiating from them.

The warriors at the front had already turned their heads away, unwilling to look at the giant words.

However, Zen's gaze grew more and more intentional.

Under such an intense gaze, the large characters seemed to move. Suddenly, a sword intent shot straight at Zen.

The shadow of the sword intent was very faint. Zen stared at it for a long time but could only see vague outlines.

Zen did not fight back. He let the sword intent come at him. The moment the sword intent pierced into his body, an uncomfortable feeling arose in him, as if somebody had truly stabbed him with a sword.

So the reason why everybody felt uncomfortable when they saw these words was because of the invisible sword intent.

Zen's eyes lit up at the thought.

Could this invisible sword intent temper his own sword intent?

created by swordsmen who sat quietly in front of the rock, in order to meditate."

There were warriors who had great perseverance. In order to comprehend Supreme Lord Sword's sword intent, they had been willing to spend all their lives here, no matter how arduous it was.

Some Life and Death Realm warriors almost threw away their entire life's worth of time before this giant rock. Just like that, they sat and meditated, visualizing and comprehending, hoping that one day they would be able to see through the mystery of the poem.

If one sat here for tens of thousands of years, it would cause the ground to cave in and a pit to appear.

As he heard this, Zen sucked in a sharp breath of cold air before asking in concern, "Did anyone succeed?"

Yolande had a small smile on her face as she shook her head. "No, not a single one of them."

"What? They spent their entire lives here, yet they failed. It must have been such a loss to them." Zen sighed.

"They were like gamblers. The more they lost, the more stubborn they became. In the end, they were no longer able to leave and spent their entire lives on the gambling table. They thought that if they won, they would learn the outstanding swordsmanship. But they lost, so they could only accept the bitter outcome," Yolande said.

"Truly admirable," Zen said.

However, Layla frowned. "It's not like everyone just accepted the outcome so easily. There were still some who could not do it. A lot of people accused Supreme Lord Sword right after going through the Five Aging Processes. It is said that they too carved their words here, but I don't know exactly where."

Yolande shook her head and pointed in a direction. "They are over there."

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