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   Chapter 1363 Orange Sea World

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Hearing Margaret's words, another elder laughed and said, "I admit that you are right to a certain extent. However, it's quite normal for a man to have several wives. And since he has ascended to the Upper World, it's possible that he might have found a new partner there. How are you going to compete with his new wife, if you are not strong enough?"

Actually, this was pure speculation on the elder's part. She didn't know Zen, and so she didn't know his true character. She had only heard from the tower head that her husband thought highly of Zen's strength and talent. She hadn't witnessed it first-hand.

But she wanted Margaret to focus on her cultivation, so she had no other choice but to spout this sort of a nonsensical theory. She wanted to motivate Margaret to concentrate on her cultivation.

"Well, I don't care!" Margaret declared.

This method had been used too many times. It was pretty effective originally, but gradually it was becoming more and more ineffective due to the boredom of cultivation.

Margaret sat grumpily in the corner, unwilling to pick up her sword and continue with her training.

Margaret was throwing a tantrum and the elders were out of ideas to persuade her. Everyone was at their wits' end. This girl was such a stubborn student!

It was all the more frustrating for the elders as Margaret had a great talent for cultivation that was not inferior to her brother's. However, she was obstinate and had always been pampered by the elders in her clan, so no one was able to arm-twist her into cultivating.

Perhaps Zen would be the person who could tame this shrew.

Those elders in front of her were all famous figures in the Purple Power World, yet none of them had a way to persuade her into cultivating.

Just then a figure quietly walked in and stood not far away from them.

When Margaret saw that person, she said in an aggrieved tone, "Master!"

The others noticed her too and turned to greet her respectfully, "Elder Apeiron!"

Elder Apeiron strolled towards them. Seeing the grievance on Margaret's face, she smiled softly and said, "I heard that the Illusion Battlefield will open in a few years."

Margaret looked at her with curiosity and asked, "Master, what is the Illusion Battlefield?"

Elder Apeiron smiled and asked, "You have cultivated in an Illusion Space before, haven't you?"

Creating Illusion Space was a very common practice in the Upper World. Many great sacred places had this sort of space, which served as a platform for warriors to spar with each other.

Margaret nodded in reply. She had practiced in that space as well.

Elder Apeiron continued, "When the Illusion Battlefield is thrown open, all the younger-generation warriors from different races all around the universe will compete and fight with each other. I believe Zen will also participate in

n he had. So he didn't even know what Passing the Torch was actually about.

Two hours later, the warriors from the Mist Palace finally arrived at the island.

After walking on the island for an hour, a huge rock appeared in front of their eyes.

The rock was about ten thousand feet high and a hundred thousand feet wide. A poem was carved on to its surface.

The poem was etched deep into the mammoth rock, and the words seemed to contain some kind of magical power within them. Many warriors looked uncomfortable as they stared at the words, as if the strokes of the words contained sharp swords, which could cut their hearts out any minute.

However, most warriors tried to suppress their discomfort when they looked around and found out that other people remained calm. As warriors, they refused to admit being inferior to others. Since other people could bear the pressure, they would try to stand it as well in order not to lose their faces.

Layla suddenly turned to Zen and asked with a smile, "How do you feel?"

He stared at the words on the rock and replied softly, "I feel a little uncomfortable."

Her lips curled as she said, "You're an honest man. Look at those fellows in front of us. They are all in great pain but still pretend as if nothing has happened. They are dead determined to save their faces!"

She didn't bother to lower her voice so some warriors heard her. They were furious but also embarrassed because she had revealed their true feelings. The writing on the rock was indeed torturous for many warriors.

"This poem was carved by a Supreme Lord with his sword. The sword intent contained within the words can aim directly at one's heart. His sword intent was praised to be perfect, having absolutely no flaws!" Layla explained. She could feel the anger of the warriors, but she didn't seem to mind it in the slightest as she continued to enlighten Zen.

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