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   Chapter 1362 In The Apeiron Tower

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Yolande wasn't argumentative type. She respected the opinions of others, as long as they respected hers.

Although she was the leader of the Mist Palace, she spent most of her time cultivating in silence, and did not take her position overly serious.

As for the reason why Timothy had always been so aggressive and was always stirring up trouble for her, it was nothing more than a dispute over leadership of the palace…

This time, however, Yolande did not remain silent. Instead she questioned them firmly, "Who is in charge here?"

After all, she was the leader of the Mist Palace!

The other vice leaders of the palace hadn't had any disagreement on this matter to begin with. They were all well aware of the reason for the dysfunction of the Red Cloud Ring. It was most likely because it couldn't accurately test Zen's ability, so it had failed to work properly.

However, Zen did indeed possess the skills and power to participate in Passing the Torch. If Zen was not qualified, he would have been bounced back when he just started to pass through the Red Cloud Ring.

They were all just curious as to how many lotus petals Zen had activated.

As for Timothy, he was simply looking for trouble, as usual.

Now that Yolande had taken a stronger stance, Timothy's eyes revealed only traces of malice, but he didn't dare to say anything else.

As for those martial artists that hadn't passed the Red Cloud Ring, how could they dare to say anything in front of Yolande? It would just seem like crying over spilled milk to become disgruntled afterwards.

"The selection by the Red Cloud Ring is now over. The three hundred and fifty-six martial artists who have passed the Red Cloud Ring, come with me!"

As Yolande finished speaking, she turned around and flew off in a specific direction. The martial artists of the Swallow Cloud House that Javier was from looked at each other curiously and followed closely behind Yolande. The other vice leaders of the palace also led their martial artists to follow after her.

Zen and Layla were the last to leave.

The two of them were considered to be freaks within the Mist Palace. Although they were nominal warriors of the Ice Cloud House; in truth, they had strength comparable to that of the warriors of the Swallow Cloud House! Most surprisingly, both of them were Life and Death Realm warriors, and what was most difficult to believe was that Zen was only at the fifth level of the Life and Death Realm…

Following after Yolande, the group left the Mist Palace and entered the space tunnel.

Over the next sixty hours, the massive group of several hundred people traveled through the space tunnel with Yolande in the lead.

Although their speed wasn't slow, as they traveled across the supreme world, it would usually have taken them years. Even though they were travelling via the supreme world channel, the distance that many martial artists had finished was nothing compared to the size of the supreme world.

After they followed Yolande out of the space tunnel, a large city with strange spiraling towers appeared in front of them. This was not their destination; it was only a stop along the way.

Although to the martial artists, this was only a stop, there were tens of millions of living creatures inhabiting the foreign city.

After they landed, everyone boarded a large ship of a foreign design. Once more they entered a supreme world channel and continued on their journey.


? She simply didn't have a work ethic which could support her advancement.

Therefore, she had become more and more resistant to the practice sessions in the past few days, annoying the other disciples in the Apeiron Tower with her relentless wailing and moaning. She was acting like a spoiled child!

Margaret hadn't been in the Apeiron Tower for very long. Compared to the thousands of years of time many warriors spent in training, the several months she had stayed here were really a short span of time. However, in these few months, Margaret had already broken various records, and her outstanding talent had made the other disciples extremely jealous of her.

The main reason for her excellent performances was because of her special Purple Power Body. Ordinary martial artists' Purple Power Body was far inferior to hers, and the cultivation methods taught in the Purple Power World were almost all related to the Purple Power Body. This gave her a distinct advantage.

What left everyone even more speechless was that Margaret wanted to give up after such a short time of practice. If she really did give up, her great talent would go to waste!

Elder Aperion of course wouldn't allow that to happen. Although she had been away for a few days, she had instructed a few elders to take care of Margaret in her absence. She had truly treated Margaret as a treasure. It was no wonder that Margaret had attracted so many jealous gazes.

"Margaret, on the path of martial arts, perseverance and willpower are keys for success. If you give up so easily, how can you have any achievement in the future?" an elder said, hoping to inspire her.

"I don't want to have any more achievements. I have a husband, and I'm just a common girl!" Margaret whined sulkily.

Another elder shook her head and said, "I know that your husband is not an ordinary warrior. The world of martial artists is also very cruel. Even if you are husband and wife, you have to be a match. You need to be able to keep up to him in his cultivation and journeys. And in the future, if you want to always be with your husband, you have to work hard now!"

"Zen, Zen isn't that kind of person!" Margaret wailed again, and angrily refuted the elder's advice. Anyway, Margaret could not stand this kind of repeated practice any longer.

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