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   Chapter 1361 Who Has The Final Say

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A smile appeared on Yolande's face when she heard these words. Her confidence in Zen, however, was strong.

She didn't know how many petals Zen's Lotus Flower had sprouted, nor did she receive any such related memories from her two clones. Zen had gone through the Heavenly Tribulation while he had been on the Divine Kingdom Continent. One of her two clones had then been in the Eastern Region, while the other on the Sea God Continent.

She did not ask Zen about it. Since he already had obtained the golden title of Celestial Position in the Tower of Sin, it would be comical if he could not even pass the Red Cloud Ring.

Zen maintained his normal speed as he slowly flew toward the Red Cloud Ring.

Those who had failed were all standing below. Curious as to whether or not Zen would pass the Red Cloud Ring, everyone had their attention on him.

Although Zen's speed was slow, the height of the Red Cloud Ring was only about two to three hundred feet. In a short while, he arrived before the ring.

The Red Cloud Ring in its normal state was like a red-hot iron ring, showing streaks of dark red light.

Under the gaze of everyone present, Zen quietly headed in the direction of the Red Cloud Ring.

It was clear to see that the Red Cloud Ring did not produce the transparent membrane to block Zen. Furthermore, the moment he passed through, the Red Cloud Ring seemed to sense something. A streak of scarlet light began to accumulate on the ring.

"The momentum of the light is so fierce. It seems to surpass Layla's light."

"That can't be possible. The light the Red Cloud Ring released when Layla passed through probably reached the ring's limit. How could that be surpassed?"

"Let's wait and have a look first. There will always be a superior!"

In the air above the Red Cloud Ring, Layla bit her lips and stared intently at the Red Cloud Ring.

Why was it that she considered Zen her opponent?

The reason was definitely not because he took away her master's Thunder Wind Divine Sword.

However, that day, her master had told her in secret that Zen had the same fate as her—the fate to lead the world of chaos. Moreover, there seemed to be some uncertainty about Zen's fate, which meant that no one could tell for certain how his future would turn out.

Zen was qualified to be her opponent.

Layla did not take the talents of Mist Palace seriously at all. For instance, although Javier was a powerful and talented warrior, she thought he was no match for her.

As such, ever since she had entered Mist Palace, she could have lived in a secluded place to cultivate without any disturbance. However, she had chosen the small palace in Ice Cloud House to become Ze

g extinguished only after Zen had crossed it.

However, Timothy's words triggered the anger of the warriors below who hadn't passed the test.

Only less than ten percent of the warriors had passed through the Red Cloud Ring. The other ninety percent would not be able to participate in Passing the Torch. Obviously, they were disappointed and unhappy.

When they heard Timothy's words, they joined in as well.

"That's right. If you let him pass, shouldn't everyone else be able to pass as well?"

"You have to make him pass it again. Or else it is fraud!"

They shouted out aloud.

Hearing the voices of the warriors below, Yolande was furious. Her eyes became cold as ice.

She had already guessed what the problem was, but she didn't want to say it. Just now, when Zen had passed through the Red Cloud Ring for the first time and the light extinguished, she had figured out what happened—he had activated the Mahayana Lotus Flower.

The Red Cloud Ring could only sense the Hinayana Lotus Flower. Beyond this, the ring did not react normally, so its light extinguished straightaway.

According to Yolande's previous deductions, Zen's Lotus Flower had at least sprouted seven petals. It was very likely that it had sprouted nine petals, like Javier's, or perhaps it was the top-level Nine-petal Lotus Flower, like Layla's. However, she had never expected Zen to activate the Mahayana Lotus Flower when he was only at the fifth grade of the Life and Death Realm.

However, her deduction was only based on the reaction of the Red Cloud Ring. How many petals had Zen's Mahayana Lotus Flower sprouted? Eleven petals? Thirteen? Or even fifteen? She did not ask Zen.

Facing Timothy's doubts, she only laughed coldly and stared at him, saying, "In Mist Palace, who has the final say?"

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