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   Chapter 1360 Dazzling Light

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When Zen had ascended into the Upper World and met Yolande, he felt a sense of unfamiliarity.

In fact, even now, this feeling of strangeness had not yet disappeared.

In Zen's eyes, the Yolande in front of him was not any different to the two clones from the Lower World when it came to appearance. However, she was clearly a completely different person.

In other words, the Yolande he had known had disappeared, replaced by this one.

Even though the Yolande before him had inherited the memories of the two clones, those memories were just two in a million.

The reason why Yolande had such a deep impression of Zen was because she had extracted the memories of him from the memories of a million clones of herself.

If Yolande had not also extracted her memories of Javier, he would have been a stranger to her.

Javier had come to the Mist Palace because he had feelings for Yolande, and she had noticed him because of his outstanding performance. She understood his intentions. But it still did not change the fact that he was like a stranger to her.

However, from the looks of it, Javier would not give up until he had achieved his aim. Zen shook his head slightly. So what if Javier proved his strength in the future? It was not like Yolande would fall in love with him just because he was powerful. If she were an ordinary woman, it might have been possible. But she was the daughter of a Supreme Lord, and she had power and a high position. How could she give herself over to someone so easily?

Of course, this had nothing to do with Zen.

The warriors below continued to fly toward the Red Cloud Ring in an orderly manner. Those that passed through stood behind the leader and vice leaders of Mist Palace. Those that failed left in disappointment. Gradually, fewer and fewer warriors were flying up.

"Are you still not going?" asked Layla, who was standing next to Zen.

"You should go up first," Zen said.

"Actually, I want you to go first," said Layla. "But since you suggested it so nicely, I'll go first!"

The next moment, Layla's feet lightly kicked the ground. She rose up and after circling in the air for a while, she nimbly moved toward the Red Cloud Ring. She turned around and cast a proud smile at Zen before flying toward the ring.

The instant Layla passed through the Red Cloud Ring, a scarlet ray of light was released. The ray of light spread rapidly along the ring.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

The entire Red Cloud Ring began to hum with a sound.

At the same time, dazzling rays of light surged up the Red Cloud Ring like waves, unwilling to diminish.

The light was so bright that the Red Cloud Ring no l

ive performances was Layla, and the other was Zen. In truth, many of the warriors of Mist Palace were curious as to which of the two was more powerful.

However, Zen had only fought two warriors at Mist Palace. The first time, he had defeated a warrior from Ice Cloud House. The second time, he had almost taken Jim's life.

Jim was ranked after two hundred in Swallow Cloud House. It was difficult to ascertain Zen's true strength from that encounter.

However, Layla had defeated more than ten people in a row. Among them were those who were ranked among the top few hundred in Swallow Cloud House, and those who were ranked among the top several dozen. The fourth-ranked warrior in Swallow Cloud House had also been defeated by her.

When Layla passed through the Red Cloud Ring, the light that she attracted was several times brighter than Javier's. It made everyone realize that the girl's potential far exceeded their imagination.

Therefore, although the vast majority of warriors did not like Layla, they thought she was far stronger than Zen.

"Hurry up! Come up!" Layla stretched out her palm toward Zen. Her five slender fingers were spread open, as if she wanted to give a hand to him, who was more than a few hundred feet away.

Zen nodded and circulated his chaotic energy to slowly float up to the Red Cloud Ring.

"Zen doesn't seem confident enough."

"No one knows how many petals his Lotus Flower has sprouted. Could it be that it only sprouted three petals? Is he afraid that he can't pass through the Red Cloud Ring?"

"That's impossible!"

"There is only a small possibility that he will cross the ring. I know how many petals my Lotus Flower sprouted, and so do you. Look at Zen! He is hesitating. He is afraid that he can't pass it."

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