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   Chapter 1359 The Pursuer

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The warriors in the Ice Cloud House and the Swallow Cloud House walked out of their residences and looked at the crimson ring in the sky.

Some of them were unusually excited, while some of them were obviously dejected.

Only after passing through the Red Cloud Ring would they qualify to follow the palace leader and participate in Passing the Torch. But not all could pass through the Red Cloud Ring.

In fact, the warriors who joined Mist Palace had good knowledge of their own talents. They knew whether or not they would cross through the ring.

The excited ones were confident in their skills, while those who stood by gloomily believed that they would never be able to pass through.

"I have heard that only the warriors who have activated a Lotus Flower of at least five petals qualify to cross the Red Cloud Ring!"

"Not necessarily. In the past, some warriors who had only activated the Three-petal Lotus Flower passed through as well. However, most of those who crossed over were the ones who had activated a Lotus Flower of at least five petals."

"When I went through the tribulation last year, the Lotus Flower that I manifested only had three petals. Does that mean there is no hope for me?"

The warriors looked at the ring and whispered among themselves.

At this time, a figure soared into the sky and flew straight toward the Red Cloud Ring.

"He is Jonah Zhan from Swallow Cloud House! He will no doubt pass through the Red Cloud Ring!"

Jonah Zhan flew speedily. In the blink of an eye, he arrived before the Red Cloud Ring. Without hesitation, his body gently swished, flashed, and passed through the Red Cloud Ring.


The moment he passed through, the ring released a dazzling scarlet light.

"What blinding red light! I heard that Jonah Zhan released a Five-petal Lotus Flower a few years ago. Judging from the dense red light, he must have activated a Seven-petal Lotus Flower this time!"

After Jonah Zhan passed through the ring, he stood behind one of the vice leaders who had brought him into Mist Palace. Jonah Zhan could be considered the vice leader's direct descendant.

The vice leader smiled briefly, pride evident on his face. At the same time, Jonah Zhan looked haughtily as he stared into a distance below the Mist Palace.

After the first warrior passed through the Red Cloud Ring, the second warrior also rose quickly.

As this warrior rushed toward the ring and was about to pass through it, the ring suddenly emitted a black light. Soon after, a transparent membrane appeared in the center of the ring, blocking the warrior and preventing him from making his way through.

"Has he failed to pass?"

"Yes, he i

in Yolande, then the first thing he needed to consider was his own cultivation.

Hearing this, Yolande pursed her lips. She uttered in a cold voice, "Javier, who you encountered was only a clone produced by the means of my cultivation method! It was just an illusion. Please don't indulge in such a dull daydream!"

At this reprimand, Javier Xue gritted his teeth and moved to stand behind her. Although he looked disappointed, his eyes still glittered with passion.

"What is going on with Javier?"

"Haven't you heard of it? When our palace leader practiced the Soul Split Spell, she divided her soul into a million parts so they could all train in the Lower World. Javier too was a warrior of the Lower World. He fell in love with one of her duplicates!"

"He is a strange one. Rumor has it that when he ascended to the Upper World, he stayed in a place more than sixty supreme worlds away from our supreme world. It is due to his perseverance and luck that he managed to cross so many supreme worlds and arrive at the Mist Palace."

"He can be eccentric. No matter where he goes, his talent is impressive enough to be thought highly of by others. As long as he wills it, others have no reason not to keep him at the Mist Palace!"

"He was infatuated with one of the leader's clones. Now that she has gathered all of her duplicates into herself, it's not the same thing!"

Astonishment was written all over Zen's face as he heard the words.

Comprehension dawned on him soon enough.

Before flying into the Upper World, Javier Xue had encountered Yolande's duplicate in the Lower World. However, who he met was just her clone. Right now, he was trying to prove his talent and strength in order to pursue Yolande herself.

It would never work. Zen shook his head slightly.

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