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   Chapter 1358 The Red Cloud Ring

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As speculated, the waves of life vitality quickly erupted outside his residence.

Under the pressure of the intensely hostile atmosphere, the doors and windows of Zen's small palace began to shake continuously, as if a violent storm had begun outside.

After a few seconds, a miserable scream was heard from outside the palace. Soon after, Zen heard a sound of wind. He frowned. Without a moment's pause, his palace's door was smashed open by a heavy object with a thud!

It was Ryker's body that had smashed open the door effectively crumbling the door to pieces.

He had smashed through the front door swiftly. The momentum of his body did not weaken by the slightest extent. Hence, his body crash landed on the ground and left a messy ditch. After invading through the palace wall and creating a large hole, he flew out of Zen's small palace.

Zen stood there alone and felt perplexed as he curled his lips helplessly. This was the second time that such a thing had occurred.

The warriors outside the palace sighed.

"Alas, even Ryker has been defeated so easily!"

"Could it be that this woman in the Life and Death Realm is so invincible that she can defeat the warriors of the entire Swallow Cloud House all by herself?"

"I really hope that's just a rumor and someone can defeat her!"

They sighed as they glanced at Zen constantly.

Both Layla and Zen had just joined the Mist Palace, and they had almost blossomed into neighbors.

Both of them were Life and Death Realm warriors, but Layla's cultivation base was slightly higher than that of Zen, as she was at the ninth level of the Life and Death Realm, while Zen had just reached the fifth level.

Seeing the warriors of the Swallow Cloud House being defeated by Layla, they couldn't help but compare Zen with Layla.

The duo were extremely powerful, and those warriors couldn't help but wonder the result of a duel between them.

It was a pity that Zen seemed to focus solely on his cultivation and didn't have any intention of challenging Layla.

When he first arrived here, he caused a spontaneous chaos only because he took away the Thunder Wind Divine Sword. But the disturbance quickly subsided. Everyone was well aware that Zen wasn't the type of a warrior who would constantly stir up trouble.

"Is there any way to persuade Zen to challenge Layla?"

"No. Don't you see that Layla is doing this deliberately? She has quite intentionally smashed Ryker into Zen's palace. This was a blatant provocation. Zen was able to tolerate it during the previous attempt. This time, he might still tolerate it, yet again..."

"Our Mist Palace is filled with talented individuals, but now we are suppressed by a woman. What a disgrace..."

Zen followed the ditch on the ground and walked to the door. At this moment, Layla, who was dressed in cyan, also came over.

Before Zen could say anything, Layla uttered, "I will compensate you for the damaged items..."

Zen frowned. "Your meagre sum of compensation is not the principal matter of concern here. This is the second time this sort of an incident has occurred here. I'm inclined to believe that you did it on purpose."

Layla smiled lightly, but refused to admit to his allegation. "I didn't do that deliberately. During the challenges

tempted to establish communication channels with the stars, hoping to trigger a few more stars eventually. However, it was very difficult for him to activate those stars. Hence, he was determined to make as many attempts as necessary.

While he was in the Lower World, Zen would have to spend almost an entire night letting his senses separate from his body. Thus, a day would often pass in a blink of an eye.

Now that he had ascended to the Upper World, the distance between him and the stars was much closer and the time it took to cultivate was even shorter. Thus, whenever night fell, Zen would patiently attempt to establish a communication with any of the many stars that caught his attention.

Owing to his perpetual and frequent efforts, the number of stars that had triggered due to Zen's efforts increased to six.

The only Transcendent Divine Might he had was a fragment of a book, but Zen would still work hard to cultivate it. His determination was unmatched. The opponents he had to face in the future would be stronger than all the ones he had to face so far. Elena, the Queen of Punishment of the Demon Night, was one of his prospective opponents, but her strength was so powerful that he feared facing her in direct combat. Moreover, if he wanted to rescue Yan, he had to face even more enemies who would pose an even dangerous threat to his own very existence. Thus, Zen was left with no option but to continue cultivating without a moment's pause.

One month later, a frightening voice was heard throughout the entire Mist Palace.

Yolande's figure was like that of a pristinely white lotus, floating all alone in the sky. She said bluntly, "The Passing the Torch begins!"

After she had proclaimed the commencement of the event, a few more figures floated out. It was none other than Timothy and the other vice leaders of the Mist Palace.

"All the warriors in the Mist Palace who can pass through the Red Cloud Ring, please follow me!" Yolande then gently pointed her finger upwards and a ring appeared in her hand. It immediately spread downwards. That crimson ring was over a hundred feet wide and occupied a position above the heads of many warriors.

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