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   Chapter 1357 Helpless

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All divine weapons had great, impressive origins, not to mention the first-rank divine weapon.

Even though the Thunder Wind Divine Sword couldn't be ranked within the Universe Spirit Tablet, it was definitely a masterpiece that one couldn't deny.

Kyron Xiao was the owner of this sword. In the past, he had only been able to create three Nether God Shadows simultaneously, when he wielded the sword. According to the description of the Nether God Mind Method, the Thunder Wind Divine Sword could only produce three Nether God Shadows at most.

It was not that Kyron's sword technique was not fast enough. With his high cultivation level, his understanding of sword techniques was not something that Zen could compare with. It was just that when the fourth Nether God Shadow appeared, the first Nether God Shadow disappeared so as to maintain the balance. It meant that only three Nether God Shadows could appear at the same time, regardless if a new Nether God Shadow appeared or not.

But now, when Zen casually struck out with his Thunder Wind Divine Sword, ten Nether God Shadows appeared side by side. He had undoubtedly broken the rules of the Nether God Mind Method.

As for the reason, Zen could not explain it, but he could only attribute it to the chaotic energy. It seemed that the effects of the cultivation methods and the laws activated by the chaotic energy were increased by a lot, hence also increasing the number of Nether God Shadows. It was the only plausible explanation that Zen could come up with, although he had no way to prove it.

Besides, his attention was mostly on the Nether God Shadows and not the reason why they appeared. He must admit that this method was quite interesting.

Using the Nether God Shadows, Zen created countless battle techniques, such as a few strikes where the Nether God Shadows were coordinating with each other, or just using the huge-crowd tactics to attack all at once. There was indeed much more room to improve and he was willing to grind until the technique reached its full potential.

In addition to these Nether God Shadows, Zen had his own sword spirit—Lavender. She could hide amongst the Nether Divine Shadows to carry out assassination.

Now that she had recovered most of her soul power and possessed the Silver Fighting Soul, she would be able to kill even powerful masters if she caught them off guard...

The news that Zen took the Thunder Wind Divine Sword after entering the Mist Palace had quickly caught other warriors' attention. They couldn't believe that he was able to do such a thing.

As for that sword attack performed by Zen, it had been widely spread and discussed by others in the Mist Palace.

The warriors of the Ice Cloud House did not dare provoke Zen, but the warriors of the Swallow Cloud House

were very concerned about this matter. Some of the talents even threatened to challenge Zen, as though they were not aware of the dangers they'd be facing once Zen took up the challenge.

On the other hand, several top talented warriors from the Swallow Cloud House reacted indifferently as they didn't have much interest in Zen.

After all, those super talents were still quite reserved. The Thunder Wind Divine Sword was indeed attractive, but if they took action against a Life and Death Realm newcomer because of a minor matter like this, their image would suffer.

As for that remarkable sword strike, it seemed like they did not pay attention to it.

Because the tor

aused by Layla Ai, the entrance to his residence was once again bustling with noise and excitement. He was so unlucky to be this woman's neighbor. Even worse, their residences faced each other, so they almost shared the same entrance.

It was early in the morning, and Zen had spent the entire night cultivating. He didn't appreciate the noise at all.

Lavender quietly lit three incenses to help Zen concentrate his focus. The faint fragrance could make people feel refreshed and at peace.

Suddenly, there was an explosion of noise outside.

"I, Ryker Lu of the Swallow Cloud House, accept your challenge!"

Immediately after that, there was a burst of cheers. It seemed everybody wanted to see Layla Ai lose.

"Come on, Ryker. Do your best!"

"This woman is too arrogant. We should teach her a lesson!"

"Ryker Lu is ranked 79th in the Swallow Cloud House. This woman shouldn't be a match for him..."

Zen could not help but reveal an amused yet annoyed smile on his face. This kind of disturbance really did not stop whether he liked it or not.

In the past few days, there had been four or five warriors who had come to challenge Layla Ai. Moreover, they were all from the Swallow Cloud House, including the warriors ranking among the top 400, top 200, and even in the top 100.

Among them, Ryker Lu was ranked 79th.

The previous warriors had all suffered a crushing defeat while fighting Layla Ai.

The more miserable the warriors of the Swallow Cloud House had become, the more they wanted to triumph over Layla Ai.

If the warriors of the Swallow Cloud House did not win in the next round, this challenge would continue until Layla Ai was successfully defeated.

That also meant the commotion would go on for a long time. Zen truly hoped that Ryker Lu could defeat Layla Ai. Otherwise, he would have to suffer through the noise every single day.

Lavender faced the door and glanced indifferently before saying, "This Ryker Lu isn't a match for Layla."

The power of her soul perception was much stronger than Zen's, and he knew better than to question her. Even from such a distance, she could still determine the level of a warrior's strength.

Zen helplessly pursed his lips, wishing someone strong enough would come and finally bring peace to his mind and the surrounding area.

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