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   Chapter 1356 Smell Of Gunpowder

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The true secrets of the Thunder Wind Divine Sword lay within the shadow of the figure.

The first time Zen had wielded the sword, he discovered this mystery and pondered over it for a long time.

Each time he swung it, it would produce lightning and wind blade, and at the same time, a human figure would appear alongside them.

Curiously, Zen felt that he had a connection to it.

However, he had tried many times to control that figure, but he could not do so. Eventually, Lavender came to the conclusion that perhaps a certain cultivation method existed to match this Thunder Wind Divine Sword. It might be very difficult for Zen to get knowledge of this method.

Therefore, when Zen heard the words of the former leader of the palace, he raised his eyebrows and asked, "The mind method in relation to the Thunder Wind Divine Sword?"

Kyron nodded. "It seems you've already tried to wield the sword. I'm afraid you won't be able to control the Nether God Shadow within it…"

"Yes, I've tried many times, but I couldn't grasp the technique," Zen replied.

"It is not something that you can master merely by trying," Kyron said as he took out a jade slip and handed it over to his disciple, Layla.

Layla wanted to step forward and hand it to Zen, but with a quick thought, she gently tossed the jade slip in the air. The slip then flew toward Zen slowly.

She didn't use her life vitality or any other method to throw the jade slip at him. Instead, she manipulated time in the space between her and Zen.

"Time Law?" Zen smiled at this silently.

In truth, this was only the first layer of the Time Law. Any martial artist who had comprehended the first layer would be able to do so, but Layla had used the Time Law in a clever manner. She had precisely calculated the distance between her and Zen to direct the law within the range.

It was obvious that she did it to show off her skills.

Zen had taken away the sword before her, and she was still unwilling to accept that. She wanted Zen to understand the chasm between him and her.

Layla, in fact, did not care about the Thunder Wind Divine Sword. She knew her fate. As long as she did not die, she would be the star of this era. As the world of chaos slowly unleashed itself, she would eventually become one of the top warriors.

As for this boy, Zen... he was nothing!

Zen felt a trace of hostility coming from this woman in cyan. It left him a little baffled.

Of course, he did not take this to heart.

As the jade slip slowly flew toward him, it got slower once it reached halfway. Although it still moved forward, its speed was like that of an inchworm. If one did not look carefully, one would think that the jade slip was frozen mid-air.

Seeing this, Zen smiled as he took a step forw

was known as the 'Nether God Mind Method'. With this technique, a cultivator was able to control the 'Nether God Shadow' within the Thunder Wind Divine Sword.

The first time he used the sword, the shadow only performed a barging fist. After days of training with the Nether God Mind Method, the movements of the figure had become much more complicated.


The figure in the large hall rushed forward. After a confident stride, it turned and meandered ahead before doing a somersault and gradually dissipating into thin air.

Zen wielded the sword once again and another shadow of a figure shot out. A dense stream of fist radiance emerged from its hand. Within a short period of time, the shadow had performed an entire set of boxing movements before gradually disappearing again.


Zen drew back his sword slowly and fell into deep thought.

If a single strike was capable of producing a single Nether God Shadow, did that mean he would be able to make multiple Nether God Shadows if he swung the sword in successive motions?

As he thought of this, Zen extracted a large amount of chaotic energy from his cinnabar field and let it gush into the long sword. Suddenly, killing intent clouded his eyes as he quickly brandished the Thunder Wind Divine Sword.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Zen struck ten times in one breath.

To an ordinary swordsman, it was not tough to thrust a sword so many times in the blink of an eye.

But as Zen finished the ten strikes, ten Nether God Shadows appeared before him, each performing a different set of movements.

If the original possessor of the Thunder Wind Divine Sword, the former leader of Mist Palace, had witnessed this, he would have been dumbstruck. He had never imagined that someone would be able to use the Nether God Shadow successfully to this extent.

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