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   Chapter 1355 We'll Give It To You

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In the hall on the highest floor of the Mist Palace, sat an old man wearing a long black robe. Next to him was a young woman wearing a cyan dress.

The girl was very young. She was only twenty years old—two years younger than Zen.

"I happened to drop by this world, so I thought I would visit you. By the way, I want you to do me a favor," the old man said slowly.

Yolande, who was sitting on the side, was extremely respectful to the old man as she replied with a smile, "Master Xiao, please tell me. I'll do my best to meet your demand." As she spoke, she sized up the girl beside the old man and continued, "Could it be that you want to let this girl cultivate in our Mist Palace?"

The reason Yolande was being so respectful to the old man was that he was one of the previous leaders of the Mist Palace and also the previous owner of the Thunder Wind Divine Sword. His name was Kyron Xiao.

He was truly outstanding. It was rumored that he was planning to make a breakthrough to become a Supreme Lord. He was considered a popular character in the alliance.

Kyron Xiao shook his head, before saying, "I had hosted the Mist Palace for 13, 000 years, and had taught countless disciples. However, I have never accepted a personal disciple. But now I have one. She is my only and last personal disciple."

The cyan-clothed woman beside him stood tall with a trace of arrogance on her face.

Yolande smiled at the woman's expression. If Kyron Xiao really became a Supreme Lord, this woman would be considered a Supreme Lord descendant. She had every reason to be arrogant having the opportunity of inheriting the resources and cultivation methods from a Supreme Lord at this age.

"Congratulations, Master Xiao, for having such an outstanding disciple. If I'm not mistaken, your disciple seems to have the fate to lead the world of chaos," Yolande remarked.

Kyron Xiao seemed to be very happy. After he finished laughing, his face revealed a hint of dejection. He let out a sigh and said, "The world of chaos has already revealed itself. Even Supreme Lords are destined to just be bystanders. We will have to see how the favorite warriors of this era will perform on the stage of the world of chaos."

His disciple immediately said, "Master, I will definitely not let you down!"

Kyron Xiao nodded and said, "You certainly won't disappoint me, Layla." Then, he turned to Yolande and said, "If I remember correctly, the alliance is going to hold 'Passing the Torch.' I want Layla to participate in it on behalf of the Mist Palace. Would you please do m

nk divine weapon so seriously. After tidying up, he rushed over according to Yolande's directions.

He quickly entered the large hall led by two stewards.

When Kyron Xiao saw Zen, he stared at him unblinking. A bewildered expression came on his face, but he quickly suppressed it and said with a smile, "I heard that it was you who took away my Thunder Wind Divine Sword."

Zen cupped his hands towards him and said, "Yes. It was me who took away your Thunder Wind Divine Sword."

"Good! You're at the Life and Death Realm and have only experienced five small Heavenly Tribulations. I think you will make good use of it," Kyron Xiao commented.

"From what you're saying, I hope you don't want it back?" Zen asked.

It was Layla Ai who spoke first. "Are you kidding me? Master doesn't care about a first-rank divine weapon. Why would we want it back? We will give it to you."

Zen bristled at her comment. "I took this sword with my own strength, and I also spent life vitality jades. How can you say that you'll give it to me?"

If Kyron Xiao had made this statement, Zen wouldn't have gotten so offended. But the woman beside him made it sound like she was doing charity to him. She got on his nerves. 'I'm not a beggar. And this sword is not given by you!' he thought angrily.

"You..." Layla Ai bit back her retort when her master shook his head and said, "Indeed. The rules of the Weapon House were set by my master back then. Whoever has the ability to take a weapon in the Weapon House shall be its owner. Young man, since you have obtained the Thunder Wind Divine Sword, I shall also give you a set of mind method. Otherwise, the power of this sword will be greatly reduced in your hands."

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