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   Chapter 1354 Law Power Enhancement

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An invisible wave of energy shot out of the Thunder Wind Divine Sword. But it could only create a crack on the gate.

The wave of energy released a lightning that was dark blue in color and a black-as-night wind blade. These two kinds of Law Powers intertwined together to form a blurry figure that rushed at Jim.

"What is this?"

Zen asked, his gaze suddenly freezing.

"The fourth layer of the Wind Law and the fourth layer of the Thunder Law!"

Until now, Zen had only grasped the third layer of the Law Powers, irrespective of whether it was the Wind Law, the Thunder Law, or the Fire Law.

But when he poured the chaotic energy into the Thunder Wind Divine Sword, it had actually touched upon the fourth layer of the Law Powers.

Lavender wrapped her arms around her knees and looked at Zen's sword light through the crack. "This sword has the ability of Law Power enhancement," she said, impressed. "It's not bad for a first-rank divine weapon."

"Law Power enhancement?"

"Yes. This sword can help you increase your Law Power."

"Doesn't that mean that I can display the fifth layer when I comprehend the fourth layer of the Law Power?" Zen's eyes lit up.

Lavender shook her head. "It isn't that easy! The gap between the fourth and the fifth layers is huge. Controlling the first few layers of the Law Power isn't difficult, but things are completely different when it comes to the higher layers. This sword can only enhance your Law Power, but it can't help you increase the layers."

Zen nodded in dawning comprehension. "So that's how it is!" It was already turning out to be of great help to him.

What was more, the sword seemed to have more benefits than just this. For example, the blurry figure!

Jim was a warrior belonging to the Swallow Cloud House, and was extremely confident in his own strength. The warriors from the Ice Cloud House and those from the Swallow Cloud House weren't easy to deal with. People who could enter the Mist Palace could be considered top talents in the Upper World, and only extremely powerful warriors of ten-grade sacred places were qualified to enter the Mist Palace.

Only by standing out in Ice Cloud House and joining Swallow Cloud House could they be considered super talents, worthy of the alliance spending resources in nurturing them.

This was why Jim was so arrogant. According to him, this new member of the Mist Palace had obtained the Thunder Wind Divine Sword through sheer luck.

He had even thought that Zen wouldn't dare fight him.

But the moment he walked over unhesitatingly on

st a fierce glance in Zen's direction before making a quick exit.

No other warriors dared linger or approach Zen's house.

Jim belonged to the Swallow Cloud House, but had almost been disabled by Zen's sword strike. How could this group of Ice Cloud House warriors not learn a lesson from Jim's fate? Wasn't this courting death?

In no time, the area in front of Zen's door had emptied.

The corners of Zen's mouth curled up in a smile at this.

Finally, peace and quiet!

Zen hadn't thought that he would attract such a huge reaction with just a sword strike. The people in the Mist Palace weren't easy to deal with. But he was sure no one would look for trouble with him in the near future.

"What are your plans after this?" Zen asked Lavender cautiously.

Zen's strength at this moment was far from enough in the Upper World. Even someone at the Spirit Supreme Realm could beat Zen very easily, let alone a world lord.

The Queen of Punishment, on the other hand, had the cultivation of a world lord. At Zen's current strength, he wasn't even qualified to stand in front of her.

"I'll wait!" Lavender said with a queer smile.

"Wait for what?" Zen asked again.

"Wait for you to grow," Lavender replied.

This answer left Zen speechless, unsure of whether to laugh or to cry.

At this stage, Zen's cultivation had already reached the peak of the fifth grade of the Life and Death Realm. He should have been prepared to fight against the sixth small Heavenly Tribulation.

But just as he was preparing for it, someone else had come to the Mist Palace. To Zen's surprise, it was the previous owner of the Thunder Wind Divine Sword, who was also the previous leader of the Mist Palace.

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