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   Chapter 1353 Fight For The Sword

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Everyone's breath hitched at the amount this short warrior was proposing. A life vitality jade's value was ten thousand times higher than a mere life vitality crystal.

With this conversion rate, that would mean that three hundred thousand life vitality jades would be equal to three billion supreme life vitality crystals! Just thinking of such stupendous amount was enough to have someone's palm itching.

The Thunder Wind Divine Sword was indeed a first-rank divine weapon, but offering three hundred thousand life vitality jades for it was still too shocking.

Nonetheless, the warriors knew the bidder could afford it.

"Caleb's family controls 80% of the mines in dozens of supreme worlds. The price of three hundred thousand life vitality jades is something he could definitely afford!"

"But if I were the one who had the sword, I wouldn't sell it even for a price that good. Life vitality jades can be earned through time but acquiring a first-rank divine weapon is just once-in-a-lifetime! Besides, having such a great weapon can increase your chances of survival in a tough fight!"

Caleb Jia did not pay attention to this idle talk and merely stared at Zen expectantly. "What do you think? The price I'm offering is fair, isn't it?"

However, Zen shook his head. "I'm sorry. It's got nothing to do with the price. This sword is simply not for sale."

Caleb Jia was powerless against Zen's refusal. There was no way he could resort to force since his abilities were far inferior to those of Jared who had already been beaten up by Zen.

Zen turned to close the door again, not really willing to waste even more time bothering with these Ice Cloud House warriors.

Just as he was about to pull the door shut, a life vitality jade was suddenly thrown into the gap and rolled towards him.

A voice rang out from the crowd, "Jim of the Swallow Cloud House wants to exchange a single life vitality jade for the sword. If you give the sword to him, he will ensure your safety in the Mist Palace. If you refuse, your life may become forfeit in your stay here."


Such an obvious display of arrogance had Zen raging in his mind.

There was clearly something wrong with these warriors. He was the one who took this sword from the Weapon House. It rightfully belonged to him. These warriors were greedy and were not willing to work hard enough to go to the Weapon House and take it for themselves. Now that he had it, all of them were scrambling to take it away from him.

His goal in sending Jared flying with a single punch was to intimidate these warriors so they would leave him alone. He didn't expect that they would be far more insistent when it came to the sword.

And now the warriors from the Swallow Cloud House also wanted to take it.

He was aware of the gap in power between the two Houses. The Ice Cloud House couldn't be compared with Swallow Cloud House in terms of disciples, but Zen did no

if it's left under your possession. I advise you to sell it to me. It's the best choice you can make for yourself and for the sword!"

Apparently, according to this crazed maniac, Zen had to give him his sword with three reasons: first, he collected swords and treated them as friends; second, his cultivation did not match with it; third, it was going to be sad if it was left with him. Just what kind of logic was that?

He had a lot of reasons to refute but Zen didn't feel like it would be worth it. It seemed the only way to establish his prestige here in the Mist Palace was to fight someone so these warriors would stop messing with him. It seemed he had to do the same thing he did back when he was still in the Lower World.

Taking Zen's silence as his refusal, Jim once again spoke through the door, "Don't be so silly and reckless. If I fight with you, you're just going to end up losing an arm or a leg..."

And with that, Jim slowly walked towards the palace entrance, fully intent on entering Zen's abode.

Everyone knew Zen was definitely not going to hand over the weapon willingly. Jim, on the other hand, was a powerful warrior of the Swallow Cloud House. They couldn't help but sigh, knowing Zen was going to suffer under Jim's hands.

Inside the palace, Zen's eyes suddenly opened. He sat cross-legged on the floor and waited.

The Thunder Wind Divine Sword lay still in his hands and Lavender watched as his eyes grew sharper with each passing moment.

Just as Jim was fifty feet away from the palace entrance, Zen's arm shook and the sword suddenly trembled. The momentum of wind and thunder fused with his sword intent and a faint, invisible wave burst out.

He hadn't used all of his strength since he wasn't intending on killing anyone. The Mist Palace's rules were still unknown to him since he was a newcomer. All he really wanted to do was to teach Jim a lesson.

However, that formless wave had given Zen a fright!

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