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   Chapter 1351 Beg Me And I'll Stop Talking

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Although Zen told her what happened after she fell asleep, he barely had enough time to go into detail. As he first explained what unfolded, the Roaring Token was missing from his narration.

But Lavender was someone Zen trusted absolutely—he had no need to hide anything from her.

Of course, Lavender was rather taken aback to have heard that Zen was in possession of a Roaring Token.

But even the Roaring Token wasn't something all too precious in Lavender's eyes.

She was the queen of Demon Night, after all. Although she wasn't the strongest, she was still the Demon Night's spiritual totem—even the Supreme Lords had to bow before the three queens.

In the past, she had over three hundred Roaring Tokens, much more than what many Supreme Lords possessed.

Even though it wasn't much to her, a single Roaring Token was already extremely valuable to ordinary warriors or Zen.

Zen was someone Lavender believed to know very well. While it certainly wasn't difficult for him to earn life vitality crystals, it wasn't too long ago when he ascended to the Upper World. A Roaring Token was worth a year's expense of a tenth-grade sacred place—how could Zen have possibly obtained one?

"Did Yolande give it to you?" Lavender asked after a moment of thought.

But Zen only shook his head. "No, it's mine." With that, he handed her the token and said, "Feel free to use it. I'm not fit to speak…"

"What? Why?" Lavender asked curiously.

"You'll know in a while," Zen said with a smile as he shook his head.

The fact that Zen had used the Roaring Token to curse Supreme Lords had escaped Lavender. He even had used it to count the numbers merely to kill time—most people should have remembered his voice.

But there were tens of millions of creatures in the universe—any two people could easily have similar voices.

If Zen were to use the Roaring Token at this moment, it was likely that Elena would suspect him. With that, he decided to let Lavender speak for herself.

Under Lavender's odd gaze, Zen helped her activate the Roaring Token. She coldly said through Roaring Token, "Elena, who said that I don't have a Roaring Token? I want to see how long you can keep being so arrogant, you bitch! I, Lavender, as the Queen of Killings of the Demon Night, will forever be queen. I will not die so long as the Demon Night race exists. And, I will definitely remove you from the throne!"

The sound of her voice rang through the entire supreme worlds through the Roaring Token.

Since she thought she only had one token, it was her only chance at speaking to the entire supreme worlds—she had to make the most of it.

"Lavender, you really came back! Where are you?" In an instant, Supreme Lord Leroy's voice came through.

Queen of Punishment E

ment she heard the sound, the corners of her mouth tugged up. She couldn't help but shake her head, 'This Zen is truly vicious…'

As for the Supreme Lords of the other races, they could only keep their mouths shut.

The argument between the two queens of the Demon Night had nothing to do with them, but many races were rather entertained to see the scene.

Although the Demon Night race wasn't high in number and they didn't occupy that many supreme worlds, they were an extremely powerful race. The more intense their internal strife was, the smugger the other races could be.

But all the other races also found it rather strange—wasn't the Queen of Killings close to demise? Where on earth did she get so many Roaring Tokens? Why did it feel like the Roaring Tokens kept losing their worth?

At first, the mysterious woman appeared, followed by another mysterious youth. And now, it was the Queen of Killings of the Demon Night who squandered the Roaring Tokens. Just how did they obtain so many of them?

And now, Elena seemed like she was going crazy.

In the middle of it all, Elena already regretted that she had started the verbal war with Lavender—the latter seemed to have endless Roaring Tokens.

In the hall, Elena covered her ears, desperately trying to stop the voice from reaching her ears. But the sound of the token was impossible to avoid—it was pouring directly into her mind.


Shouting as loud as she could, Elena activated a Roaring Token.

"Enough? Beg me! Beg me and I'll stop talking," Lavender returned coldly.

"You're a wisp of soul at its last breath. Do you really think you deserve me begging you? You must be dreaming!" Elena replied resolutely. How could she go and beg for Lavender's mercy in front of the entire Demon Night race?

"Then… I'll go on," Lavender's voice resounded.

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